Top 10 Things Little Joe/Pup Should Do in the Future

Little Joe is a car freshener brand. They're made in Italy, but are available in several countries like Switzerland, USA, Canada and more. If you know Little Joe, you may also know Little Pup which is basically the same thing as Little Joe, but they're in balloon dog form instead of men. Here's some things Little Joe/Pup should do in the future.
The Top Ten
1 Bring back the former vanilla fragrance
2 Convince several stores to sell them
3 Create a new freshener called "Citrus"
4 Sell 6 packs of car fresheners
5 Only keep Little Joe car fresheners Strawberry and Cherry for Valentine's Day
6 Release the fragrances that are only available in Europe in North America
7 Create holiday/limited time car fresheners
8 Have a bin to put all used Little Joe/Pup car fresheners
9 Make colognes/perfumes of fragrances
10 Make joke fragrances
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