Top 10 Things Little Trees Should Do in 2022

Little Trees is one of the most popular car freshener brands of all time. It established in 1952. Their best selling car fresheners are Black Ice, New Car Scent and Vanillaroma. There's also Little Trees in Europe as Wunder-Baum, Arbre Magique and Little Trees (formerly Magic Trees.) Here are some things that should happen to Little Trees in 2022.
The Top Ten
1 Bring back the Sentiments fragrances
2 Re-release all the discontinued Little Trees car fresheners for a whole year
3 Discontinue Celebrate!
4 Re-release some of the good obscure car fresheners
5 Release European fragrances in America
6 Release newest Little Trees earlier than their usual release time
7 Create their own "Good fragrance, bad fragrance" game
8 Give Strawberry its older fragrance back
9 Make a body spray
10 Allow customizable designs
The Contenders
11 Give Jasmin its older fragrance back
12 Give Pina Colada a new fragrance
13 Bring back the original Spice