Top 10 Things Little Trees Should Do in 2022

Little Trees is one of the most popular car freshener brands of all time. It established in 1952. Their best selling car fresheners are Black Ice, New Car Scent and Vanillaroma. There's also Little Trees in Europe as Wunder-Baum, Arbre Magique and Little Trees (formerly Magic Trees.) Here are some things that should happen to Little Trees in 2022.
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1 Bring back the Sentiments fragrances

The 5 Sentiments car fresheners are Energy, Peace, Relax, Passion and Strength. Energy's a nice refreshing citrus smell and has a "Monster Energy" type of design with the color red and yellow or slightly more orange in Europe. Peace smells like baby powder and licorice with a nice blue flower design. Relax is basically the same as Vanillaroma with a nice relaxing purple and black design which are the only ones available in Europe as of 2021. Passion smells like Black Ice and has an odd red design that's hard to tell what it is. Strength smells like Black Forest (which is also discontinued) and it has a nice green tree-like design.

2 Re-release all the discontinued Little Trees car fresheners for a whole year

Having those back for an entire year would give a fair chance for those who didn't try certain fragrances in the past to have a try. And those who liked some of the older car fresheners would likely stock up while they last. This would be an amazing experience for all of those who are curious on how the older fragrances smell like or want to have a chance to get many more before being discontinued forever.

3 Discontinue Celebrate!

Celebrate! is the worst Little Trees car freshener of all time. It released in 2018 along with Spice Market, Cable Knit and Heat which all got discontinued. Celebrate! is the only Little Trees released in 2018 yet is the worst of that year. It smells really bad and gross.

4 Re-release some of the good obscure car fresheners

For example: Black Forest, White Water, Margarita, Cable Knit, Ocean Mist, Creamy Avocado, Eucalyptus, Bold Embrace and more. Those were so much better than some of the ones that are currently on sale.

5 Release European fragrances in America

For example: Rose & Raspberry, Jungle Fever, Arctic White, Mai-Tai, City Style, Cafe, Orange Juice and Midnight Chic (which smells like Bold Embrace) to have their American version. Those ones are good enough to be available in America.

6 Release newest Little Trees earlier than their usual release time

Little Trees releases their newest fragrances in November, but they should honestly release them either in September or October. Because if they release in November, it'll be very hard to have them before Christmas. People usually buy a lot of things in November and December so it's best to release the car fresheners a bit earlier. They should always release them in September or October starting in 2022.

7 Create their own "Good fragrance, bad fragrance" game

Similar to the Bean Boozled challenge where instead you eat jelly beans, you smell a car freshener. They should have good smelling car fresheners like Black Ice, New Car Scent and Vanillaroma. They should have bad smelling car fresheners like Gas, Smoke and Curry. The bad ones can be for a game or to simply prank people.

8 Give Strawberry its older fragrance back

While the new Little Trees Strawberry fragrance is tolerable, the older one smells better and is more fragrant. They switched fragrance in 2017. The new ones are too sweet and generic, but there's much worse fragrances than that.

9 Make a body spray
10 Allow customizable designs

They should give the option to people to make customizable designs including older designs like Fresh Surge and Very Vanilla. Or use already existing designs of car fresheners with a certain fragrance of your choice.

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11 Give Jasmin its older fragrance back

The new Jasmin fragrance is basically the same as Daisy Fields, but only sweeter. Not a bad fragrance at all, but just repetitive. As for the older fragrance, it was very nice, sweet (in a good way), subtle, more floral and feminine. They also switched fragrance in 2017 along with Strawberry.

12 Give Pina Colada a new fragrance

Although it doesn't smell bad, but it's another car freshener that smells the same as Vanillaroma. Why have 3 car fresheners with the same fragrance let alone still being all in continuation? They should replace it with a different fragrance. The Fresh Link Golden Vanilla car freshener that got discontinued in 2020 smells way more like Pina Colada than the current one.

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