Top Ten Things to Look Forward to In Summer

The Top Ten
1 No School

Yes, I am looking forward to the summer, but it's so far away! 3 months! Guess we will have to wait a lot.

I am so excited! School is going to be over in less than a month!

I just have to wait for two weeks LOL

2 More Free Time
3 Warm Weather

Yeah it will be nice too enjoy the nice warm weather in june, july, or August in north side of the earth, or dec, jan of feb in the south side of earth

4 Ice Cream Shops Open
5 4th of July

Can't wait for delicious BBQ!

6 You Can Wear Shorts and T-Shirts
7 Outdoor Swimming
8 You Could Go On Vacation

Can't wait to visit the NJ shore again!

9 Getting to Go Camping
10 Flowers and Other Plants Start to Grow
The Contenders
11 Thunderstorms

I like thunderstorms I always look forward to seeing thunderstorms

12 Fireworks

In south like Australia, new zealand, south america, and south africa would have their new years in summer since they have the opposite seasons of, usa, canada, and russia

It exciting to see the fire works, in canada we have them on july 1, that canada day, and also cool to see fireworks on the 4th of july if you live in usa

13 School supply sales

Can't wait to stock up on all my drawing supplies!

14 Going to the Beach
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