Top Ten Things to Love About Pinkie Pie

The Top Ten

1 She's Hilarious

I agree she is so hillarious! She made me so hard laugh! - David39

I like everything about her! - Sugarcubecorner

That’s why she’s my favorite character in the series! - listotaku17

2 She Cares About Her Friends
3 She's Random


4 She's Very Happy

Simple, the element of laughter, she's always happy going - Neonco31

5 Her Parties are Very Well Organized

I'm 15 but I still wish I have a party just like my old days but Pinkie will organize it - Neonco31

6 She's Full of Energy
7 Her 4th Wall Breaks

(stares into audience) Hi! - Neonco31

8 She's a Good Friend
9 She's Very Friendly

Technically the same as #2 and #8, more or less.

10 Her Party Cannon

The Contenders

11 She's a Baby Character

Umm - JPK

12 She Acts So Innocent

When she is actually an ugly brat

13 She is Epic
14 She Cheers Other Ponies Up

She cheers me too! - Sugarcubecorner

Whenever I Have A Bad Day, I Watch MLP And Pinkie Pie's Jokes And Randomness Cheer Me Up - JPK

15 She's Cute
16 She's a Girly Girl With a Tomboyish Side

She's bubbly and is pink yet she is a messy eater and likes playing in the mud.

17 She is Smart
18 She Does Her Own Thing
19 She's Confident
20 She's Fast
21 She's Caring
22 She is Cute

She Is a Pink Pony

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