Top Ten Things to Love About Sonic the Hedgehog

My top ten things to hate about sonic was so good that I have decided to make a top ten list to love about sonic. So here it is. Again, it will might suck and I am still a hardcore sonic fan.

The Top Ten

1 He Beats Mario

He at least beats Mario at speed

Mario games are always too slow and always have the same damn old school story, save the princess. True some Mario games are better than some sonic games but come on idiots, you guys think all sonic games suck ever since sonic 06. Look at Mario galaxy, that game have worster controls than Sonic Heroes - Chaotixhero

Uh... Does it really matters about who's the better ones?

As a character? Absolutely. Sonic is cool and funny. Mario is overrated because he happens to star in many high-quality games. There's not much to him: he has very little personality, and his only "dialogue" consists of saying his stupid catchphrases in a grating voice (and some random nonsense in some of the RPGs). - Treacle

2 His Music

If there's one thing SEGA does better than Nintendo, it's music. I'm sorry but Super Mario Galaxy is the only game with good music. Sonic has better soundtracks than Mario. Even Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyrics has good music. I'm sorry but it's true - Chaotixhero

Mostly sonic games have electric guitar or drums or rock music. While Mario games have gentle music. - comment101

Sonic have great music. Live & Learn and Open Your Heart are great examples - Chaotixhero

The King Arthur Theme from Sonic and The Black Knight! ENOUGH SAID ALREADY PEEPS! PLEASE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 Sonic Have Awesome Archie Comics

Out of all the Sonic universes (pun intended), the Archie Comic one is my favorite. This universe has the most character development and insight. I especially loved issue #179 where Sonic and Tails fought each other. It was so deep... I just had to cry the first time I read it. Kudos to Ian Flynn! - MillieTrina_Prower

Teens aren't awesome! There should be Pac-Man Archie Comics, not Sonic Archie Comics.

How does Sonic have good Archie Comics? Pac Man would have great Archie Comics.

Pac-Man would have awesome Archie Comics too!

4 The Fact That Sonic 06 Exists

Sonic 06 is an amazing game and a great Adventure Era game. If only SONIC 06 2 would be made on November 14th, 2021, which is it's 15th Anniversary. - Sonic06Fan

You do know, that this is a bad thing. - nintendofan126

Before you get me hear me out. Without Sonic 06, we wouldn't have great Sonic games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generation. So think about it. - Chaotixhero

Sonic '06 sucks. So does Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors & Sonic Generation. & what's with Sonic & Mega Man?! Why is there no Pac-Man Archie Comics?!

5 He's the Fastest Hedgehog Alive

Sonic has proven to be the fastest hedgehog in the world.

Oh please, there are people that are faster than him. I mean, there are people JUST as fast as HIM. Did you guys forget Flash? Dash? Speedy Gonzales? Road Runner? Runner? Quicksilver? Yea, Sonic’s not the fastest thing alive

He's the fastest thing alive

Shadow: um! I've the 100 times better version of him. I'm sure I can top his speed, actually, I already have!

6 Sonic Satam

I no like this

This proves ABC hates us

And ABC canceled it.jerks.

7 "You're Too Slooooow"

Dumbest and rudest quote

Are you just teasing us? All of Sonic's quotes aren't good anyway.

That line is rude

What's to like about "You're too sloow" anyway?!

8 He Has Better Cartoons Than Mario

The Sonic OVA Movie is very good compared to Mario's crappy movie - Chaotixhero

This si very true in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

That's right. however, Sonic X is crap. I wish Sonic strangled the cowardly Amy Rose to death.

All his cartoons are the same plot and/or are super boring. He always “gets the chaos emeralds! ” At least Mario’s cartoons do other things!

9 He's a Badass

He is more badass than Mario.

Mario doesn't have a personality. Sonic's just like 'deal with it suckers'

Okay, I'll actually agreed on that one

Most badass hedgehog - TwilightKitsune

10 The characters.

We know their age and their personality, unlike Mario Characters.

Even though I really liked Nintendo's games( and the new Mario/Rabbids game was suprisingly good), they are AWFUL with personality. Even in the new Mario/Rabbids game, Mario is still pretty bland, other than being cheery. While Sonic has had personality since he even debuted, as he was impatient. And he continues to show it in other games. - Drawbox

My favorite. character is Tails. Amy rose I really like

I really hope... I'm not the only one who made a fan character who is a bro of silver... two actually.

The Contenders

11 Sonic X Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series created by TMS Entertainment and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega.

Possessed Amy in episode 19 gave me nightmares for months!

This cartoon was painful for many reasons. So thanks for helping the Mario side

I don't care what people say. Sonic X really wasn't that bad. (aside from Chris)

True dat about cris he’s a brat

12 The Sonic Adventure Series

Classic Sonic series is way better than the sonic Adventure series!

Sonic Adventure 2 is a award winning video game in 2001. True story - Chaotixhero

What's to like about the sonic Adventure series?

Mario has the same thing, I fail to see how this is a legit reason

13 Miles "Tails" Prower Hung Out with Princess Daisy of Sarasaland in Vancouver, BC.

You've got to be kidding me, right?!

Got any proof that he did? - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Sonic Generations

Two sonic? How cool is that? Why Mario didn't did Mario Generation? Because Nintendo wasn't thinking - Chaotixhero

Sonic generation 2 with 3 Sonic's. Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, and Boom Sonic. Whoa... make it now! - Chaotixhero

Imagine Sonic Generations 2 with 3 Sonic's!

If you complained that classic sonic was gone,he's back in this game - Nateawesomeness

15 Eggman

Jim Carrey could voice Dr. Eggman! Sexy!

16 All of Sonic's games that are older than Sonic Adventure

Seriously, they all all the best Sonic games! Sonic did not use to be so bad back then.

The best Sonic game ever is Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive!

I love Sonic CD - Chaotixhero

17 All of his Sega Genesis/Sega Master System Games

Sonic 2 is overrated. - Sonic06Fan

I can't believe people hate them now! They are Sonic's best moments!

They are the greatest Sonic games ever, especially Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive!

They wouldn’t exist without Mario. I know I mentioned this already, so I won’t go in detail

18 Miles Tails Prower Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname Tails, is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a significant main character after the title character Sonic, who is also his best friend.

Adorable and cute. Possibly the best charachter in the franchise
I love Tails

Kind of an idiot, especially the Sonic Boom Tails. Not a bad character, but he’s not as great as people say he is

19 Jaleel White

"WHOOPS, DID I DO THAT? " - DensestPotato

20 His 3-D appearances

All 3D Sonic games are good except for Sonic 06 and Shadow the hedgehog - Chaotixhero

I don't understadn how somone is saying that the advenutre games are worse than sonic the ehdgehog 2006! Get this: Even if theya r ebad (which I don't think that theya r epersonally! ) they are still playable! Unlike Sonic the hedgehog 2006! - HeavyDonkeyKong

21 You still get Classic Sonic

It's hard getting classic sonic games

22 Sonic Never Gives Up

After Sonic 06, Sonic's fan base just made sonic worst (Secret Rings & Rivals). But you know, Sonic never gave up on pleasing his fans. Sure they were a silly gimmick (Black Knights) to a port that went wrong (Secret Rings), but Sonic never gave up and he manage to make 3 good games (Unleashed, Colors, &Generation) and a mixed opinion game (Lost World). I thought sonic was gone after 06 but no.. He still here doing his thing until the day he retire. Go Go Sonic! P.S. don't say jack about Mario or pac-man because I know what y'all gonna say. - Chaotixhero

Sonic '06 gets a 10/100 score.

Sonic Rivals gets a 56/100 scores.

Sonic & the Secret Rings gets a 47/100 score.

Sonic Unleashed gets a 62/100 score.

Sonic & the Black Knight gets a 38/100 score.

Sonic Colors' Wii version gets a 65/100 score and its DS version gets a 60/100 score.

Sonic Generations gets a 94/100 score on the home console versions and its 3DS version gets a 96/100.

Sonic Lost World gets a 61/100 score.

Congratulations for never giving up on your fans and making the Sonic haters more interested, Sonic the Hedgehog. Well done, Sonic the Hedgehog. We will be forever in your debt.

P.S. Mario & Pac-Man will still be better.

Mario didn't give up

Mario never gives up too. He gets off his butt every time Peach gets captured, how nice is that? Also, he never complains. Sonic complains when he can’t relax, some hero he is

23 Sonic and Mario Crossover

Mario & Sonic Olympics series was cool seeing two rivals competing against each other in sports. So... Are they friend now? - Chaotixhero

Imagine a Super Luigi & Amy Rose crossover in Greater Vancouver! That would rock!

24 He Is an Adult Now Instead of a Teen

He's 17 ( I think )

He's still a teenager, and it's cooler than being adult (it's true only for sonic, Mario... Not batman,47,wolverine...) - ShahryRKnoT

25 He Can Kick Even Better than Batgirl & Rouge the Bat

I thought we were talking about Sonic and Mario, not Sonic being better than Rouge and Batgirl

26 Sonic's Original & Sonic Boom Designs

That's scarf really fit Sonic - Chaotixhero

27 Sonic's Original Hairstyle

Sonic's hair is inspired by Brian Burke.

28 His relationship with Super Monkey Ball characters
29 A Sonic & Pac-Man crossover on Archie Comics
30 Hyper Sonic

I wish SEGA bring Hyper Sonic back. - Chaotixhero

Yeah. Me 2. I wish they would bring back hyper sonic. I love hyper sonic.

31 Knuckles' Chaotix
32 His Voice

Who put that on the list?! Why do you like Sonic's voice? That's the worst thing about Sonic!

Whoever put this on the list seriously is brainwashed.

I don't like his voice
But it's the best voice that fits him - ShahryRKnoT

I know right, it’s so annoying

33 The original Sonic the Hedgehog
34 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is an American animated series produced by DiC Animation City and Bohbot Entertainment that was based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series produced by Sega.

One word: Boring

It's great even though it is a little cheesy. And it introduced one of the famous words of all time... PINGAS!

The fact that it introduced PINGAS gives it at least a +5 score.

How dare this good old cartoon be underrated! This is one of the best cartoons of all time!

I would give this cartoon a 98/100 score, Sonic SatAM a 94/100 score, Sonic Underground a 63/100 score, Sonic X a 0.8 score & Sonic Boom (T.V. series) a 5.7 score.

35 Sonic Blast & Sonic 3D Blast
36 Classic Sonic
37 His Personality
38 Marine the Raccoon
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