Top 10 Things That Made Undertale As Overrated As It is Today


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1 Steam literally forcing people to give the game positive reviews

How did that happen? How do they force you? - Martinglez

Undertale is overrated. Seriously, the characters are creepy, the fan base will give you nightmares, and overall it's just not a good game

The toxicity that's shown to even mildly negative reviews is quite disappointing.

They Do? What? Also,I Agree That UT Characters Are Kinda Creepy,But I Don't Think Paps Can Be Taken Seriously.

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2 Sans and Papyrus

Also, if the fanbase finds out you hate either one of them, they'll flame you and say "You're gonna have a bad time, LOL! "

*huge disappointing sigh* These characters are part of Undertale's fame- and for a good reason too. They're both well developed characters but the fandom...they destroyed it like the Titans destroyed the wall.

This. This is the best comment on this list in my opinion. Yes, they did a good job developing them and all but the fandoms TOTALLY ruined them. Personally, I do like Sans but I hate the fandoms Sans. - TheGoldenRifle

I see them too much especially as Youtube avatars. And what is so special? People love to boast about how they speak in their respective fonts but that just seems like a dumb gimmick if you ask me. I could go on for Hours on why I don't like this game.

These two are the reason that the fandom came into existance.

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3 The game being way too easy and in desperate need of a Hard Mode, which is luckily planned to come out later

I'm sorry, but have you ever tried to beat Sans during the Genocide route? Haven't played the game myself yet, which I'm planning to, but that fight took most YouTubers literally HOURS! - Alpha101

Yeah openly admit not having a game with a harder difficulty is kind of a let down. I want to replay the game with much harder enemies to provide an interesting challenge. I know the game kind of does have a hard mode but it doesn't really last long does it?

Someone hasn't reached the end of any route. - ArchVoice14

Hey. They have a hard mode. Enter your name as Frisk. Have fun with that. - SpyroZap99

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4 The battle system

It's not that "revolutionary" that they say.

5 Cute characters


6 Highly autistic fanbase

This is really mean. I have autism and this just... Grinds my gears.

This is one of the most idiotic additions to a list ever. I hope that it gets deleted. - Alpha101

I know the fanbase is annoying and basically ruined the game but please do not call anyone autistic if they are not it is really rude and offensive to some people

How do you call basement dwellers that avoid social contact and go absolutely ape over a mere mediocre product because "its got pop culture references " and its "quirky and indy" but mostly because they never stepped outside and have no points of reference? Autists.

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7 Better humor than what you would find in most games

How does it being better mean it's overrated. Wouldn't if it's highly rated for a resin make it aptly rated?

You're right. That is pretty funny humor that you think Undertale has humor. If you're looking for a humor game play either Sonic Boom games.

Undertale was a good game. Keyword: was. The fandom, of course, ruined it. They started shipping characters that didn't belong and even wanted to meet Sans. THEN, they made horrible games like DUNDER-TALE or ABOVE-TALE. Undertale slowly got worse and worse. Now, it lies in hell.
Fandom whispers: (just like frisk-)

8 Inspiration from Earthbound and Mother 3, which are both also insanely overrated games

I don't think they're overrated just miss judges because most of people have never had gotten to play the games to me way better than undertale to you it could be overrated it's not overrated it's just people wanting to do what they can't do like you wanting to crap on a game people praise I rest my case

The entire MOTHER franchise is better than Undertale

At said time it was more underrated than overrated - Tyoshi

Mother is not overrated._.

9 People who want to fornicate with skeletons

You already have a damn skeleton inside yourselves, numbnuts

Pretty much this fam

10 The fact that it even got better reviews than Xenoblade Chronicles

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Hold on, what? Xenoblade blows Undertale out of the water.

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11 It some how got a ps4 and PS vita release
12 Sympathy for the fact that it is an indie game

Just saying, but indie games can be good, you know. Well, some are bad, but really, most of them are good. - Catameow

Indie games aren't classics they can be fun but classics are way different

IGN gave this a 10... It's no where near that great. So many better games came out in 2015 from AAA developers such as MGS V and Witcher 3. Plus Outlast is a better indie game.

Update: Well they are not classics but they are still great. - lolololololol

13 Sans' boss fight

They talked SO MUCH about it!

14 Megalovania

First time is nice, but after awhile and hearing other tracks it does get tiring fast.

Alphys Takes Action completely blew this out of the water - xandermartin98

I don't get the feel of the song the other 2 final boss themes are better - Tyoshi

This "music" is so much overrated.

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15 The Genocide Run
16 The Pacifist Run

They say it's the only route, and they force you to do it.

I could never kill toriel :3 she is to sweet and adorable and nice and... *rambles on for hours

I like Genocide better

I dunno why they hate Genocide

17 Incredibly massive exposure on the Internet

For some reason, every famous YouTuber there is decided to play it. As such, it was brought to the attention of the cancerous little kids that follow them.
I have absolutely no idea why it became so popular. Games like Undertale are usually niché and appreciated by the few people who know about them (case in point: Earthbound.), but not this one. It's honestly saddening, thinking about how different the fandom would have been if only its exposure wouldn't have been so devastatingly quick. - ArchVoice14

But... this is talking about undertale. Your statement confuses me, archvoice. Please explain.

18 TheTopTens TheTopTens

OK now 50 and below is just joking.

19 The fact that it literally beat Ocarina Of Time in a GameFAQs poll deciding what the best game ever was

It beat Ocarina of Time?!?! I have no faith in my generation. I am crying right now.

Seriously, go back and play OOT nowadays, and you'll see that the main reason that game holds up at all in the first place is pretty much entirely due to nostalgia. Trust me on this one - xandermartin98

The old, but good games are shadowed by the trash "new" games with "cool graphics"

Actually, trolls are voting to "Undertale" in the Gamefaqs poll

ARE YOU SERIOUS? (I haven't played it but I know about it) - TheGoldenRifle

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20 The Internet

I mean what the internet ruins the whole damn game I mean what? Fanbase just makes you want to kill yourself, there's try not laughs that aren't funny and surprise surprise they're undertale based! Every kid "enjoys" this game because they haven't played a decent RPG/indie game in their young, long lives RPG/indie games are great but Undertale is just a bad a example of what a "good game is" plus there's even porn of Undertale! Just type Undertale on rule #34 and you instantly hate the game.

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1. Steam literally forcing people to give the game positive reviews
2. The game being way too easy and in desperate need of a Hard Mode, which is luckily planned to come out later
3. Sans and Papyrus



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