Top 10 Things that Make the 1970s Better Than the 2010s

A list of reasons why the 1970s were better than this current decade

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1 Music

These days, we can listen to the old stuff, while also listening to bands like The Mars Volta, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Leprous, Caligula's Horse, and the list goes on. Modern times allow us to listen to both the classic bands, along with the good bands from today. - kempokid

The reason why 2010's is better than the 1970's we have all the good music from the 70's plus the good music from the 80s, the good music from the 90s, and the great music from 00s all of which is easily accessible - germshep24

I mean you had awesome bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin, Rush, and Deep Purple. Today you have Post Malone, Drake, Niki Minaj, Bieber, Imagine Dragons, and Lil Pump. What happened? - IronFist13

In terms of the music I enjoy, I think it's significantly grown much better and more variable in sound over time, and although I enjoy a lot of songs from the 70's, I do love certain 2010's groups as well.

2 Politics

Trump > Nixon, Deal with it Liberals. A decent and okay president is better than a criminal. - B1ueNew

Politics will always be a mess and corrupt. One controversial president don't make the whole of politics bad. - ParasN2000

Though I initially wanted Trump to be elected president in 2016, I will say Nixon and Ford are way better than Trump - IronFist13

All Trump did was say like 5 stupid comments/quotes and he's considered a Modern Hitler by liberals. Nixon literally was a crook responsible for a robbery and the scandal. How is he better? - B1ueNew

Not *as many* political things affected the masses' view of their leaders negatively from what I heard. - Ashes

3 Movies

Every decade has its great movies. Even though this decade seems more focused on remakes and sequels as a means of drawing attention, we have been given a number of enjoyable original ideas as well.

The reason why 2010's is better than 1970's you have all the great movies from 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and 00's all easily accessible - germshep24

1970s did have so many good movies. As does every decade since movies were created - iliekpiez

While I do like plenty of modern movies, I can't help but marvel at 70s classics such asThe Godfather, A New Hope, Jaws, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more. - IronFist13

4 Less Terrorism

Terrorism was still present in the past, but it just wasn't as overly exposed by the people as before.

NAH. I see less terrorism and there's more in th old days than modern days. - AlphaQ

There's terror in the 70s too you know - LightningStrike

That's what I meant, but it wasn't as typical back then as it is now - IronFist13

NOPE. - B1ueNew

5 Slang

I don't use slang all that often, at least when it comes to the terms that I've seen been defined as slang.

I'll take people saying stuff like "groovy" over "lit" or "no-scope" any day. - IronFist13

Lit and no scope are better than groovy - DarkBoi-X

Noob>Groovy - MrCoolC

6 Climate

There were less natural disasters and much lower risk of global warming in the 70s than now. - IronFist13

And how do you know? You weren't alive back then so You can't say "There was better weather" Because you weren't alive back then. - B1ueNew

Can we stop hating our new generation? We need to feel more comfortable. - LightningStrike

False. There are hardly any earthquakes apart from a few (Japan) but bleh, its reduced. - AlphaQ

Fake - DarkBoi-X

And how is it fake? Are you saying that every respectable scientist is wrong? - germshep24

7 Less Technology

It proves that it was worse. - MrCoolC

What list is this? We live in the 2010s and we gotta get used to it. Plus, EVERY DECADE HAS FLAWS! - LightningStrike

What's wrong with technology? Are you that much of a hipster?

Yeah OK, not appreciate the amazing things we could do with it. - iliekpiez

I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking. I should've put "Everything was simpler" instead so I wouldn't get a ton of angry comments - IronFist13

8 Celebrity Deaths Were Less Frequent

That's because there were less celebrities that could die. - Ashes

People live longer these days but a lot of young celebrities die these days too. - AlphaQ

I would like some proof of this - germshep24

People live for longer? - ParasN2000

9 Less Racism

Is this a joke? If anything there was more racism back then. - DarkBoi-X

No decade ever has this less racism nonsense. People say racism should be get rid of. Will never happen. - iliekpiez

Are you kidding me? What about apartheid in South Africa?

Ha! Nope. Racism, or just discrimination in general, is everywhere.

10 Sports

As much as I don't care about sports nowadays, they were at least kind of interesting to watch back in the 70s - IronFist13

They were the same sports - iliekpiez

I believe the author means sport was better or more entertaining. Not better sports. - ParasN2000

Boxing was better. - ParasN2000

The Contenders

11 TV Programs
12 Comedy Shows
13 Clothing

No, please no. It was awful. - MrCoolC

Nah, now closes are more dancing than weird beards and hair. - AlphaQ

Clothes back then where cool - KillerQueen1774

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