Top 10 Things that Make Baron Drew Skeleton the Worst YouTuber

I hate Baron DREW Skeleton. If you vote on a reason, you agree with me. If you don't agree with me, look at his YouTube channel.

The Top Ten

1 Poor Quality Videos
2 Stupid in General

OPINIONS. ARE NOT. FACTS. - mattstat716

3 He Deleted His Channel

Then why rant about him? - Markerzegamer

I can see why - Markerzegamer

4 Mean Personality

Evidence? - mattstat716

5 Has Autism

I'm not sure if I should be cringing at how you're being serious about all of this or the fact this is an item. - Swellow

So people are bad for having a mental disorder? Yeah... bad reasoning and by the way I'm Autistic but that doesn't make me a bad person just because I have Autism.

6 Is 13 Years Old

Not a reason. - Swellow

Age doesn't determine if someone's a good person or not.

7 Not Funny

Opinions aren't facts. - mattstat716

8 Is Immature
9 Likes Pokemon Likes Pokemon

Not a reason. That's like saying dog people are bad because Hitler liked dogs. - Swellow

Invalid argument.

10 Is on Google+ All of the Time

Not a reason. - Swellow

True - Markussthemastergamer

Not valid.

The Contenders

11 Reads Fanfics


12 He Made Mistakes

So did you. - mattstat716

13 Likes Jacksepticeye

Not a reason. - mattstat716

14 Likes Vocaloids

Not a reason. - mattstat716

15 Is Ugly

Opinions aren't facts. - mattstat716

16 Is a Coward

Being a coward doesn't mean you're a bad person. Not a reason. - mattstat716

Very true - Markussthemastergamer

17 He is Weird

Very weird - Markussthemastergamer

18 Likes One Punch Man
19 He Isn't Even Known

Then why rant about him? - Markerzegamer

20 Very Boring
21 He Has a Wattpad Account

How the frick does this have anything about being a youtuber? - Markerzegamer

22 Never puts any effort into making videos
23 Acts like a god
24 Plays Minecraft
25 His voice sounds awful
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1. He Deleted His Channel
2. Poor Quality Videos
3. Stupid in General


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