Top Ten Things That Make Britain Better Than America

The Top Ten Things That Make Britain Better Than America

1 Sense of Humour

Britain has a strong belief in this and it has been the most recent issue in its world

- Predictive text

Dry, witty, intelligent, sarcastic, clever, subtle. Yes British SOH is better!

I'm just not me without my sarcasm-it (along with my passport) makes me British

Wow look at you, so much for not being boastful huh?

2 The History

Really!? Do Brits not remember the British Empire and all the crimes it committed against humanity? I'll just name a few of the atrocities:
The Boer Concentration Camps
The Amritsar Massacre
The Indian Famine
The Bengal Famine
The Irish Famine
The Kenyan Concentration Camps

The British also brought slavery to America, so if any African Americans want reparations, talk to Boris Johnson

We went around the world invading countries and claiming them for are selves, stealing there resources, raising taxes and basically started slavery before America did.
How is are history better? - Weirdest-thing

Westofohio shut up you don't like that your country is ancestors are immigrants.

Didn't we beat you in the Revolutionary War - westofohio

3 Better Comedies

Despite the fact that my favourite comedy is The Big Bang Theory (American), and that the US also have Frasier and Friends, Britain has Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Mr. Bean, Black Books, Dad's Army and The Good Life, all of which are just brilliant. And Red Dwarf and Blackadder are second to The Big Bang Theory. - PositronWildhawk

Sadly I can only vote for 1 option so I voted for this.

USA's funny comedies consists of: Modern family, Friends, The simpsons and Fresh Prince of bel air, (all the rest are not funny at all)

UK's funny comedies consists of: Blackadder, One foot in the grave, Bottom, Mr Bean, Psychoville, League of gentlemen, The thin blue line, I'm Alan Partridge, The Office (UK), The Vicar of Dibley, Fawlty Towers, Allo Allo, Benidorm, Dad's army, Dinnerladies, Pheonix Nights, The Wrong Mans, Man Down, The young ones, Miranda, The Royle Family, Keeping up appearances and many more.

We also ave a better accents than the americans (especially Yorkshire, Scouse, Cornwall and Welsh accents) And lets face it Christopher Lee and Ian McKellin have way cooler voices than Morgan Freeman and Lawrence Fishbourne

The UK flag is the best in the world

York, Chester, London, Norwich Manchester and Cardiff are all better cities than any in the US.

In the north of england we ...more

With comedies like The IT Crowd, One Foot in The Grave, Blackadder and oh so many others, how can one disagree? - Britgirl

Blackadder compared to The Big Bang Theory. - iliekpiez

4 The People

Well I am English so must vote for this option =)

5 More Modest
6 No Capital Punishment

If someone killed 20 people, they don't deserve to live. If it was your family member you would think differently - westofohio

It's disgusting and wrong to take a life and if we kill a murderer then aren't we just as bad?

This is very stupid - floridiancat

Just because you disagree with this item does not mean that it is stupid. An over-confident 13-year-old dimwit who doesn't know enough about capital punishment's effects should not be making such a comment. I bet you're the type of idiot who blindly listens to dimwitted politicians and their lies about this practice's effects. Not every person on the planet will support capital punishment, and those who find something wrong with it are not automatically "stupid". And please do some research. This practice never works in preventing crime because states in America without it actually have lower crime rates. It also costs taxpayers more to put someone to death because of the cost of all the trials the defendant has to go through. If you are too arrogant to consider the facts I just gave you, then look them up. The Internet is full of websites with these facts. Calling someone else stupid when you are the one who refuses to provide good reasons as to why you think the item added is bad ...more

Yes yes - iliekpiez

7 Tea

I love tea! But why do make it cold? If our tea's cold we'd go and make another one!

We have the BEST tea

I hate tea.

8 Closer to Europe

Closer to Europe? Britain is in Europe. - DogsUnleashed

We are in Europe!

They Are in Europe doofus! - Aknn

And now we are leaving the EU. - iliekpiez

9 Better Accents

Big stereotype behind this. Hardly anyone in Britain has a posh accent, like most people think. - PositronWildhawk

Who said anything about being posh? The actual accent is better on the ears (but a well-spoken London accent is always best).

The problem with actually being 'posh' (although middle class is actually what I prefer to call it) Is that people always judge what I'm like by my voice (and if they don't they start judging me as soon as they find out I go to a private school)

I love these people who has british or australian accent I wish I had that accent too

10 Better Bands

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees, The Who, Dire Straits, Muse, Kasabian, Oasis etc.

The Bee Gees where born in the Isle of Man actually ever heard of that country? Then they moved to Australia.

American music is good, but British music is better - everyone else has already covered the bands/artists.

Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Rolling Stones
Iron Maiden

And so many more. let's see how many good American bands there are.

Guns N Roses

Pretty much it. There are some good bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Skillet, etc. , but these are the only great ones. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 More Polite

This is should be at first, American does not have politeness as Britain. I'm from east and really esteemed to politeness - razors15

Brits and Japanese are the most gentle and polite people that I have met. I love them.

I know most americans are polite. But some of them are rude.

This I agree with, I went to America and was shocked by how few people said 'excuse me' or 'pardon me' or 'Sorry' or 'Thank you', no one showed any sign of gratitude for something I had gone out of my way to do for them.

12 More Intelligent

I find it simply hilarious how certain cocky British people class themselves as both 'more modest' than Americans but then continue to add that they think they are 'more intelligent' I'm English and this has got to be the most stereotypical rubbish I have ever read!

Although it's true that we have a lot of stupid rednecks who are easily taken advantage of dishonest politicians in the United States, I don't think it's fair to label all of us as stupid. We still have some smart people here.

West Mids, eh? That explains a lot. Your lot are still better than the Yanks...

It feels the same. - MrCoolC

13 Better Cities

London's better than New York.

Britain doesn't have a city like Honolulu (Hawaii), but then Britain has a working public transportation in a huge majority of the cities.

The US has more cities, but the UK has some of the best.

I am American, but I think that London is better than any city in the USA. - Ajkloth

14 Better Fashion



15 Less Terrorism

Plus less gun crime and knife because we allowed neither. We're just 100x safer..

So what's happening in London? - iliekpiez

Infact there is more


16 Better Schools

America is better, because in are schools we have to wear uniform - Weirdest-thing

I started pissing myself with laughter when I read 'Americans have better schools and there summer holiday is way long! '... 'There' means 'There is' or 'over there'. This person should've said ' Americans have better schools and THEIR summer holiday is very long' (although due to his Grammar he slightly contradicts himself! )

Britain has the 6th best education system in the world, beating America!

Americans have better schools and there summer holiday is way long!

17 Better at Sex

I blame the psychotic need American parents feel to willingly butcher their boys via circumcision. Do you have ANY idea how much of the sensitivity is given up because of that loss? Or how much of the sexual experience is lost for the woman during sex? No... of course you don't. All you have is that scarred, mutilated member that can't even properly self lubricate and is partially desensitised. No parent who actually loves their child would allow said child to be MUTILATED in such a manner. That's why the best sex an American woman has, is with an uncircumcised man (unless she's not inclined towards male sexual partnership. To which I say; each to their own, respectfully). You guys should thank John Harvey Kellogg for pushing circumcision to prevent masturbation, thus keeping pious people "on the right path, the path to the Lord! ". Idiots still butcher their kids even now when there's NO GOOD REASON FOR IT! (since the invention of bathing, hygiene isn't even an argument).

No French kissing thou! Nasty teeth - westofohio

Have you ever heard of France - Weirdest-thing

18 The Royal Family

It was once better leaders till the government came. Either Tory or Labour.

The only thing we really like about the royals our the babies because there so cute

We should have done what the French did with royal family - Weirdest-thing

Why is there still a royal family?

19 No Crackpot Christian Fundamentalists

Like what smart, rational person would admire Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, or Fred Phelps?

20 More Elegant

You do realise people only do this kinda thing rather if there rich or having a birthday?

What's more elegant than having afternoon tea? - EnglistT

No one actually does that. Only if your going out somewhere posh

21 The British Flag

I love the British flag and the Australian flag. Have the British flag as my mobile wallpaper and I'm not even British!

The Union flag is the best in the world and definitely the best looking.

I love the Union Jack, though there are plenty of other great flags out there I think it has to be one of the best.

It's got the best flag in the world. Not many countries have this flag

22 No Donald Trump Lovers

Milo yiannopouos and Paul Joseph Watson are trump supporters - Weirdest-thing

Lol sooo true

23 Sadiq Khan

Worst London mayor (not cause of his skin colour liberals, so don’t call me racist) - Weirdest-thing

24 The Military

Did we not kick your ass in the Revolutionary War? Also, literally the only thing better about the UK military is the SAS and that's it

If we have such a good military then why did we need America to help us win the war? - Weirdest-thing

The military is so strong in Britain but the US has a better one. - iliekpiez

American soldiers come to be trained by the British S.A. S - Britgirl

25 Less Homophobia

Homophobia can happen in every country including UK not just USA - ElSherlock

This one totally not true

I don’t hate gay people, i’m Just bored, I don’t care if you take it up the ass or not, I just wanna talk. - Weirdest-thing

26 Better TV Shows
27 Healthier

How are we healthier? We have the highest obesity rate in Europe - Weirdest-thing

Last time I checked, the UK has a lot of obese, not as much as the US. - MrCoolC

Westofohio when I was younger I had buckteeth which happens in any country, then I got braces. But not everyone in Britain has bad teeth.

We have less fast food places and binge less on McDonald's also we have less of addiction to Starbucks

28 Free Health Care

Tell me about your bills Americans - iliekpiez

Our health care is free

29 Drinking age is 18

How in the United States your old enough to go to war but you can't have a beer... MAKES NO SENSE! England is doing something right.

It makes it worse. - MrCoolC

The age was 21 decades ago in the 20th century, dunno when they lowered it to 18, ask a Baby Boomer.

30 Not Oblivious to the Rest of the World

Americans are so oblivious to the rest of the world and 9/10 people in the UK can give at least a general location for some states in America and knowledge about the rest of the world other than the middle east where the news show everyday for some reason or another so Americans have to know about it

31 No Donald Trump

Aye, Just because us Americans got ourselves a crappy president doesn't mean the UK is better. Plus, your across the pond, mind your own business lad.

I am so glad I'm British so I don't have to deal with Trump and his racist, sexist remarks!

Yeah we have Theresa May. - iliekpiez

32 UK Has Sharia Law in Some Areas

No it doesn't - isotropisch

It’s a horrible that
Limits women rights and gay rights - Weirdest-thing

33 The Brit Awards

Or should I have put you're seeing as you don't like mistakes.
Just because there is a typo doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to read the sentence you need an eye test, you are a snob.

Say what you want about "Modern Music" its your opinion.

34 Christmas Crackers

I absolutely love Christmas crackers. There one of my highlights of Christmas. I especially love the little toy in there which is really bad but it puts you I the mood

35 Way Less Drugs and Alcohol

Way WAY not true

36 The Food

Probably one of the nicest staples of Britain. You can't beat fish and chips on the sea side - Kseabrightxxx

But I prefer Deep-Dish pizza over fish and chips. - MrCoolC

Fish and Chips. - iliekpiez

37 Punk

I'm not on about who started punk, but the quality of it. I love a lot of American Punk-bands (Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Fear, etc.), but British Punk-bands (The Clash, Angelic Upstarts, Ruts, The Adverts, 999, etc) are over all better.

38 Safer
39 Funnier
40 Our Trains

They're way better and faster

41 More Pakistanis and Somalis

Hardworking citizens who never cause trouble

42 The Crystal Maze
43 More Political Parties, Even If You Hate the Government.

Let's take a look at the Britain political parties:
Conseratives - oh no
Labour - crap
Liberal Conseratives - bad
Green Party - this is not good at all
SNP - actually OK
UKIP - please no - iliekpiez

44 The Metric System
45 The Goose Fair
46 Not Afraid of Quietness

I have learnt why Americans are loud. They don't like quietness.

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