The British Are NOT More Intelligent

No, the British are NOT more intelligent! I am British myself, living in England, and I can tell you for a fact that the British are the most stupid people because our government have led the country to ruin. We're in terrible debt, so much it's insane, and yet we spend money on stupid things and stupid buildings no one cares about. We have terrible race wars, terrorism, and crime all over the place. We let celebrity gossip make the front pages of newspapers even though there are people out there dying for us which barely gets a mention. And the country is basically running further into ruin with every passing day. I live in England, but in many ways I wish I didn't.

Even with the smaller things in life Americans are still better than the British as an overall nation: of course it's down to individuals, but overall Americans tend to have better humour and are more fun than the British, America has the majority of best rock and metal bands, America is much bigger and people have more space, probably the only thing that's better in Britain are the T.V. shows, which are genuinely better, we have classic comedies like Only Fools And Horses, The Royle Family, Fawlty Towers etc, and we also have a better dub of DragonBall Z :) but other than that, America is just better. There aren't many big countries that are in worse shape than Britain. AND WHO ON EARTH ADDED "MORE POLITE" TO THE LIST? I think we all know that is a joke. It is where I live anyway, in the West Midlands, if you dare go up to talk to many youths round here you'll end up getting battered. And the number of girls who are utter sl**s round here is ridiculous. It's almost impossible to find a lovely girl.


I won't make a big speech about this, but what I WILL say is that Britain has the best universities in the world. People from all over the globe come to be educated here. And that is a fact! - Britgirl

Hate to break it to you, but you sound VERY VERY ignorant, and brainwashed. - floridiancat

I wouldn't say the States have better rok and metal bands. Even the Americans seem to prefer four mop-topped lads from Liverpool over any of their own bands, if the sales are any indication. And if you like metal, although I can't say I do myself, who better than Britai's own Led Zeppelin? And what price the Rolling Stones, Queen, and Pink Floyd? - beatles

According to, 7 out of the top 10 universities in the world (including the number one university) are in the United States. The other three are in the United Kingdom. 15 of the top 20 universities are in the United States. So, yeah... - visitor

I loved this post! Hahalolz not a straw of patriotism, eh?
Your conclusion was cert. dramatic... So statistics say that Britgirl is one of the rare brainy people.
Bye, God less! - HezarioSeth

Oops! I meant God bless! Sorry for the typo. - HezarioSeth

I believe this is all an opinion some of the best universities are in UK others in US like Harvard University and Oxford University. - FrankP

Good to know, I guess... You seem pretty smart though. - Garythesnail

I'm British and I don't you dare insult my country! - MissBritain

This post was made from someone from Britain. He/she was just stating their opinion on their country. - RiverClanRocks

I wasn't born on a farm but I know bulls*** when I smell it. This statement is very smelly indeed - visitor