Top Ten Things That Make Britain Better Than America

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21 The British Flag

I love the British flag and the Australian flag. Have the British flag as my mobile wallpaper and I'm not even British!

The Union flag is the best in the world and definitely the best looking.

I love the Union Jack, though there are plenty of other great flags out there I think it has to be one of the best.

What's to love about the America flag? All it is is a few stripes and stars!

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22 Healthier

Westofohio when I was younger I had buckteeth which happens in any country, then I got braces. But not everyone in Britain has bad teeth.

We have less fast food places and binge less on McDonald's also we have less of addiction to Starbucks

Except for British teeth - westofohio

23 Not Oblivious to the Rest of the World

Americans are so oblivious to the rest of the world and 9/10 people in the UK can give at least a general location for some states in America and knowledge about the rest of the world other than the middle east where the news show everyday for some reason or another so Americans have to know about it

24 No Donald Trump Lovers
25 UK Has Sharia Law in Some Areas
26 The Military

American soldiers come to be trained by the British S.A. S - Britgirl

27 Christmas Crackers

I absolutely love Christmas crackers. There one of my highlights of Christmas. I especially love the little toy in there which is really bad but it puts you I the mood

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30 The Food

Probably one of the nicest staples of Britain. You can't beat fish and chips on the sea side - Kseabrightxxx

31 Better TV Shows
32 Punk

I'm not on about who started punk, but the quality of it. I love a lot of American Punk-bands (Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Fear, etc.), but British Punk-bands (The Clash, Angelic Upstarts, Ruts, The Adverts, 999, etc) are over all better.

33 Safer
34 Free Health Care V 1 Comment
35 Funnier
36 Our Trains V 1 Comment
37 Drinking age is 18

How in the United States your old enough to go to war but you can't have a beer... MAKES NO SENSE! England is doing something right.

38 No Donald Trump

I am so glad I'm British so I don't have to deal with Trump and his racist, sexist remarks!

39 Sadiq Khan
40 More Pakistanis and Somalis

Hardworking citizens who never cause trouble

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