Top Ten Things That Make Girls Hot

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1 Personality

Outside beauty is what makes a girl hot. You can say whatever you want but that's the truth. If you just want to have sex and nothing more you don't care about her personality or kindness. You just want a hot body. But don't get me wrong, inside beauty is what makes a girl nice and what makes her you wanting to be with her as a long time lover. Someone you fall in love with and want to stay forever with. But that's what this list is not about!

If personality wasn't anywhere on this list, I would assume that the title meant "Top Ten Physical Things that Make Girls Hot." But because it is on this list, the title must mean "Top Ten Physical and Emotional Things that Make Girls Hot." If this list includes emotional things, I would hope that personality would be in first. - Kevie16

Thanks for anyone who voted personality or something along the lines of it. It means a lot. Just so you guys know. Being physically attractive is nice and all but in I don't care. I still have a crush on Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (If you ask me he was kind of cute) Personality is what matters the most.

U can't see personality so not really

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2 Breasts

Girls can be hot and have all the major factors but have a smallish chest. I've got all these major wow factors unfortunately I'm a B cup, and it really sucks for small breasted hot girls because they will always feel less significant than girls with big boobs. Even if they are ugly with big boobs. its super unfair and really demeaning for us. A little word of advice appreciate more than a chest fellas

These are defiantly not important. Nor is big asses.

I'm a girl and this disgusts me. I'm sorry, but to people who know me, I prefer people who actually love and care about me, and were like friends instead of the people who want THIS. Absolutely disgusting.

This list should be renamed "Top Ten Physical Things That Make Girls Hot." You guys are disgusting. - RockFashionista

Quit complaining. It's completely natural for a man to like breasts. I guarantee that when Jesus was alive and saw a hot woman, he said "Look at the cans on that fine lady." - bobbythebrony

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3 Eyes

Eyes are the windows to her very soul. Forget hair, legs etc... Look in her eyes, see her heart... - Britgirl

A girl doesn't need make up. The eyes are more precious than any form of mascara. - Turkeyasylum

The most beautiful creation God created for us... - Olive855

Dear God, Makeup! Wow... that is quite insulting. - MoldySock

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4 Hair

Why do they all shave them bald? Looks much more attractive when it is covered with hair

Good thing I have hair but it isn't super long or short - sweetmadi11

I have brown hair - Righteous

5 Smile

Yet all the idiots go for breasts or butts...

My smile is ugly - 123fortandbree

Nothing pleases me more then seeing a girl smile :) it makes me want to smile too - letdot52

Of all physical attributes, this is by far the most important. Whenever I see a girl smile, I feel like smiling. ;-) - WonkeyDude98

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6 Butt

Talk to the butt 'cause it's the only thing that gives a crap. Yes. The butt gives out poop, people! - AnonymousChick

To all the obnoxious children, guys find the cheeks hot and not the hole so stop talking about feces like it makes you mature - bobbythebrony

Yeah, the thing a girl uses the bathroom with is so amazing. - RockFashionista

Where do I start? Oh, there's no reason.

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7 Kindness

Boys love kind, sweet and polite women.


THIS is the only good reason, All the other perverts say "Oh my god Women need to have a big butt and big breasts so I can date them" it's ridiculous ~Curtsies - pupcatdog

8 Intelligence

This is my favorite quality about myself. I hope that when I date in the future, he will be attracted to my intellectual capabilities. - RockFashionista

This is better than any physical attributes. Unfortunately, everyone at my school is stupid.

This makes a girl beautiful - AnonymousChick

People envy my long eyelashes but I also like being intelligent.

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9 Legs

Legs are not that important, at least not number four id say number 7 and clothes should be at 4.

Yeah I think the same way.

How you gonna say legs aren't important, that's like someone saying, " Nope bitch! You only get the torso and up! "

10 Face

I look for a beautiful face in a girl more than anything. Not even their body can pull me away from this.

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11 Feet

Congratulations on your foot fetish.

How does feet make a girl attractive? Call me a pervert if you wish, but I understand why fellow men like breasts, but feet? - Therandom

Ok, this list is just plain disturbing. Just keep all of the sexual fetishes about girls for yourselves, thank you.

Really underrated

12 Confidence

A girl without confidence just isn’t as attractive

13 Lips
14 Clothes

And yet naked girls look hot.

ikr right!

15 Humor

Away from physical attraction, this is a crucial thing women should have. - AGK

16 Virtues

This should be in the top three. - RockFashionista

17 Genitals

I know all you hormone ridden boys are curious about the vagina but come on a vag ain’t everything

How is this lower than breasts and butt... - ad48

Dude, no.

Who cares!

Did a pervert write this?

18 Thighs

Do you mean "eyes" or do you just have a lisp? - Britgirl

You mean like big thighs, or really skinny thighs? - RockFashionista

That would be size, which is the #1 item. - PetSounds

Who dosen't like nice thighs?

19 Gymnastic Ability
20 Voice

Nothing like a gorgeous voice. - PetSounds

You need a great voice, like Scarlet Johansson. - BeatlesFan1964

I have a speech impediment so crap.

21 A Feminine Side
22 Good Looks
23 Shyness
24 Positivity
25 Good Taste In Music/Movies

Who cares? No one should judge by taste anyway.

Yeah okay so that depends on the boy actually😂If he likes Justin Bieber doesn't mean I have to like him 2, does it?

26 Braces
27 A Wild Side
28 Make Up

Yeah... I feel like guys think we do everything to be attractive to them. Its not all about you. I wear makeup because its really, really FUN. I like the process of getting ready, and I'm a creative spirit. I'll wear and apply whatever the heck I want to, regardless of how many guys ill attract because of it. - keycha1n

This is actually pretty important, guys will tell you not to wear so much make up or none at all because "you don't need it" but when you actually do, they aren't satisfied. Wear make up even if they say not to, because odds are they will not appreciate your facial beauty as much without it.

I don't like make up. Too many people overdo it, it makes them look like a robot. Some people don't realize that they look good the way they are. This is coming from a boy.

They do like natural beauty and if you don't love how you look as a person he totally won't (especially if your covered in makeup

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29 Being nerdy

"Depends on what type of nerd

This is what I'm best at! - RockFashionista

I'm a pro at this.

Yeah that's kinda me but eh - sweetmadi11

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30 Loving Nature
31 Teeth
32 Laugh
33 Integrity
34 Brains
35 Faithfulness
36 Style

I'm talking about their clothes style

37 Youth
38 Height

This item is outdated. Scarlett Johansson isn't tall, but she's hot anyway.

I'm not going to be even 5 ft. Fully grown so crap.

39 Glasses
40 Honesty

I hope this is true

41 Independent
42 Sensitivity
43 Ears

Ok. its just me

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