This list is demeaning to woman!

letdot52 This stupid list is demeaning to women. People are just voting on girl's bodies. I know I'm not in love when all I care about is seeing my girl topless. I care about what a girl is like and who she is :) That's how you know your in love with someone.

When the thought of being with them makes you smile, when what that peson says and does matters more than looks, and the feeling you get inside when your with them.

That's what love is. It's not when you want to see a girl naked because of your own selfish desires. When you love someone, you'll know it by how you feel, not by how their body looks.

I don't know about you, but I would rather date an average looking girl who makes me happy, then the hottest girl in my church(and she is REALLY hot)if all I care about is getting to see her naked.

Think about this the next time you say your "In Love" with someone.


... And the same applies to women. I can't believe how many shallow women, when asked which celebrities they like they say "Ooh George Clooney" when asked why, they will always answer "because he's HOT! " His acting ability is never mentioned. I've said it before, many times, but I'll say it once more for those who are shallower than a worms belly: I would rather take the beautiful gem from a battered, filthy cardboard box than take the vomit from inside a beautifully-presented gift box, complete with glitter, ribbons and bows!
Nice post, letdot52. You're a gentleman! - Britgirl

Thanks Tina :) You always say the sweetest things - letdot52

This list truly is creepy. - PositronWildhawk

I know right. It's just a bunch of pathetic losers who are probably virgins anyways. - visitor

Completely agree. - funnyuser

PREACH - visitor

YES I DO! - letdot52

I regard this list and some of its subsequent comments as demeaning and offensive to both women and men. Many of us are not so superficial and find attraction and "sexiness" on several various levels and factors - usually unique to the individuals involved in each case, and not subject to generalities or particular definition.
What's my "type"? Well, let's see, how many different individuals are there and have there been? Each is regarded as a unique combination of all of their qualities.
Nice and important post, Mr. letdot52 - Billyv

Demoning MUAHAHAA! Sorry. Anyways I agree with this - EpicJake

Exactly! *claps* - RiverClanRocks

That list is preverted. At least the first few items. - Therandom

Ever noticed that most of the items on that list are physical attributions? - RockFashionista

This list made me wanna vomit. Really it did. - visitor

If you people thought this list was bad then check out the list of pairs of boobs you'd love to see. Or the Nickelodeon girls you'd love to see nude. - visitor

The only thing on the outside I care for in a girl is the smile she has when I see her, so I know she cares about me! Either way, every girl I know has at least a little beauty inside and out! - Garythesnail