Top Ten Things That Make Girls Hot

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21 Make Up

Yeah... I feel like guys think we do everything to be attractive to them. Its not all about you. I wear makeup because its really, really FUN. I like the process of getting ready, and I'm a creative spirit. I'll wear and apply whatever the heck I want to, regardless of how many guys ill attract because of it. - keycha1n

This is actually pretty important, guys will tell you not to wear so much make up or none at all because "you don't need it" but when you actually do, they aren't satisfied. Wear make up even if they say not to, because odds are they will not appreciate your facial beauty as much without it.

I don't like make up. Too many people overdo it, it makes them look like a robot. Some people don't realize that they look good the way they are. This is coming from a boy.

They do like natural beauty and if you don't love how you look as a person he totally won't (especially if your covered in makeup

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22 Integrity
23 Teeth
24 Braces
25 Confidence
26 Youth
27 Height

This item is outdated. Scarlett Johansson isn't tall, but she's hot anyway.

I'm not going to be even 5 ft. Fully grown so crap.

28 Glasses
29 Laugh
30 Honesty V 1 Comment
31 Loving Nature
32 Independent
33 Faithfulness
34 Shyness
35 Sensitivity
36 Positivity
37 A Feminine Side
38 A Wild Side
39 Good Looks
40 Ears V 1 Comment
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