Top Ten Things That Make a Good Person

This is a sort of personal list for me which expresses my view on this topic.

The Top Ten

1 Respect

You need to respect people.

And yet another attribute important in making of a good individual. If a person respects his peers, companions, elders, family, his belongings, the nature, the food he is eating, the locality in which he is living, his work, his hobbies and anything you can think of, he is bound to become a great individual. - Kiteretsunu

Damn Rights! Without Respect you aren't worthy!

Respect to me is more important then Love! - Curti2594

A person always have to be respected - JaysTop10List

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2 Guilt

I know that everybody would say that love, compassion and so on makes a person good. But I'm taking a realistic approach here. If a person feels guilty for his bad behavior, he will always try to correct himself. Guilt makes a person realise his mistakes and motivates him to work upon them. Total goodness cannot be achieved without this. - Kiteretsunu

Exactly, you learn more from your failures than you do when you succeed - SuperHyperman

I totally agree here. Without guilt, you are a horrible individual. - PositronWildhawk

Correct. It makes a person more improved one. - kormo

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3 Good Sense of Humor

Twisted humor counts right? - Seventies-Music-Fan

I think having a good sense of humour makes people like you. it makes them see that you can be a good sense of humoured person.

4 Love

Now comes the most popular attribute which everyone seeks to find in every good individual. Love is very important not only in making of a good individual but it is one of the most important thing in our whole life. One cannot imagine a life without love in it. - Kiteretsunu

Love is the greatest thing on the planet. You don't decide you want to spend the rest of your life with someone just because you respect them. I respected my grade 6 teacher, I does not mean I want to marry him. Good sense of humour, kindness, humility,all that makes up LOVE. Those things are good too, but as they say, love conquers all

I disagree with the order of your list, I'd place this one first. Anyway, I understand your point. Great list! - keyson

Love is the center of Jesus Christ, he IS the pure definition of love, that's how he lived his life

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5 Discipline

Discipline is very necessary for the development of a productive individual. Discipline makes a person responsible and reliable. He is greatly focused on what he does and the person can direct his thinking in doing something productive every time. - Kiteretsunu

6 Concern for Others

Developing this attitude is really important in becoming a good person. By showing concern for others, you develop a deep bond with them.. A healthy society can only be formed by developing this attitude. - Kiteretsunu

Ehh, Depends on the person - Seventies-Music-Fan

7 Shame

A shameless person can go to any grounds and do whatever without caring for others. A murderer has no shame in stealing a life. A corrupted business man can sell unhealthy and potentially harmful products without any shame. A drug dealer deals in drugs because he has no shame in seeing people destroying their lives using these drugs sold by him. A terrorist has no shame on himself while killing innocent people. - Kiteretsunu

Kiteretsunu, sure, shame does mean people have a soul, but you know what's better than feeling shame? Not doing bad things in the first place! - ethanmeinster

And what stops a person from doing bad things in the first place? A thing called shame stops us from doing bad things in the first place. - Kiteretsunu

8 Kindness
9 Pride

Pride is generally taken in a negative sense whenever people talk about it as a human attribute. But some pride is really essential in making of a perfect individual. A patriot takes pride in his country's culture. A scientist is proud of the world's scientific development. A economist takes pride in his country's stable and fabulous economy (if the economy is really stable for that country). - Kiteretsunu

Having too much pride makes people full of themselves, but having too little causes someone to have low self esteem. However, it is good for someone to have the right amount of pride.

Wow. I'm a horrible person - Seventies-Music-Fan

10 Patience

Patience is must as some of our life's most important things take time to happen but one day we can have them till that time we should have patience

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11 Humility
12 Forgiveness

It hurts when you don't forgive! - RockFashionista

Oh, what's that? You killed my family and stole all of my personal belongings? IT'S OK I FORGIVE YOU! - Seventies-Music-Fan

13 Acceptance
14 Compassion
15 Sincerity

And one cannot be sincere when they have a couple of different usernames in TheTopTens and still excuse themselves! It doesn't matter if you feel guilty when you continue being like that. I think that it's insensitive actually and not sweet... (I'm curious to see if my comment will get removed. If so, then there are certainly big issues here and that is sad for a very interesting site like this. )

16 Sensitivity

Crying is your mind's way of saying "It's okay" and it is. Being sensitive means you can accept pain and let the wound bleed without dying. - AnonymousChick

Now I think I'm a sociopath - Seventies-Music-Fan

17 Open-Mindedness

Yes, most importantly

18 Passion
19 Good Looks
20 Flaws

Seriously this list is about being a good person, not a good robot! Every human has flaws and people should accept and embrace it. People should just quit on being what society thinks a good person and just be what you actually are because no matter how hard you try someone will ALWAYS be better than you at something or a certain characteristic.

Everyone is going to die, some alone, some together but most forgotten over time. The clock is ticking go spend your life doing what you want to do not what is socially and morally acceptable. - Seventies-Music-Fan

21 Kindness Toward Animals

NUMBER ONE! NUMBER ONE! The only times I ever cry is when it involves animal abusing.

22 A Sweet Temper

A sweet temper is always essential in a person's personality. The person is able to handle tough situations calmly without getting too tensed or excited. - Kiteretsunu

23 Modesty
24 Selflessness
25 Thick Skin
26 Honesty

Being hones makes a better person because you feel great when you be honest it makes peace in you, honesty might not give you success or money but it also build self confidence in you and that is what makes life worth living

27 Empathy
28 Softness
29 Integrity
30 Maturity
31 Understanding
32 Happiness
33 Self-Disciplined
34 Politeness
35 Nice Teeth
36 Friendly
37 Not Offensive

This one's ridiculous - Seventies-Music-Fan

38 Careful

You should always care about people. if you care about people that's the key to success!

39 Confidence

Being confident can raise your attitude an you will probrobly be a better friend when you are in a better mood.

40 Good Handwriting
41 Trustworthy

Is a reliable or honest person you can trust

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