Fact Check - Narcissism

Approximately everybody in this world is a narcissist, including me. Though there are a few idiots that actually show it publicly and get offcially labelled as narcissists by others, while the rest just escape this statutory recognition. People who actively praise themselves are in some way just expressing their honest opinion of what they think of themselves. "You shouldn't say good things about yourselves" is somethng I've heard plenty. When maximum number of people want to think good things about themselves then why not say it? Why do people go through so much trouble just to impress their peers, wearing a range of clothes just to look good so that people say good things about yourselves? Isn't it because of this implied narcissism we all suffer from.
We all check that old "Top 10 Users of TheTopTens" list just to see where we stand. And if we see ourselves in top ten, then wow! Thank you all who voted for me, I'm now number 5! (Whether you deserve it or not never crosses your mind. Because why not? I worked hard. I don't care how hard others worked).
A great number of users often think "I'm going to make a huge number of high quality lists so that people may think highly of ME." While some may think like this "Or I'm just going to improve my stats so that MY name shows up in the stats page (who gives a damn about quality? Only quanitity will give ME official stats recognition I want).
(In IRL situation) I'm going to do such a thing such that people will praise ME, because I want the praise I actually deserve. I'm working hard so that my peers think highly of ME.
So while narcissism is bad, it also makes us to do better in things we want to get recognized for. So before anyone bullies a narcissist, or say bad things about them in public, just think; aren't you one yourself?


There are different levels of narcissism. Not sure when the "generally feels good about their self worth" crosses into "grandiose egomaniac". But a good comparison would be you or me and then Kanye West. - keycha1n

I am a narcissist, but I don't constantly praise myself. Only if I do really good at something I'll say "it's not you, it's that I'm so damn good at this". I also think I look pretty young(maybe it's because I haven't hit acne yet) - Therandom

Danteem: I'm not narcissist - visitor

I am narcissist. I love myself too much. I am care about myself too much. But I don't shove things about me down everyone's throats. - visitor