Top 10 Things that Make High School Worse Than Middle School

If you think middle school is bad, wait until you get to high school. It's far worse. In multiple ways than one it's worse. If I missed a reason feel free to add it.

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1 More stress

High school is better for me than middle

When you're a teenager in high school, you'll go through so many stress that you don't know how to handle. They pile work or have very tight deadlines on projects so much that it makes every teenager almost never happy or energetic at school. Maybe this is why teenagers are so moody and never be happy.

6th grade was the worst for me because I never knew what to do. And don't forget about the annoying 7th and 8th graders in your face. I was never like that when I was in 7th and 8th grade so...

Stress in high school is ridiculous. From projects to tests to trying to keep your grades up to planning your future - Randomator

I know right. School and future in general probably cause huge anxiety - Randomator

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2 Idiots everywhere


And now there’s even more than middle school - Randomator

3 More frustrating

Oh boy If you thought Middle school was frustrating then good luck with high school

Oh my god yes. It's so frustrating. - mattstat716

Yep and homework as well

4 More homework
5 More Bullying
6 Grades actually matter

Middle school grades are basically meaningless outside of extra activities. High school grades stay with you forever - Randomator

7 Hypocritical teachers that are annoying as hell

No phones in class! *gets on their phone 5 minutes later* or No food or drinks in class *gets out entire fast food meal* - Randomator

8 High school's not about what you want to learn, it's about what the state wants you to learn

You kind of get a choice because you get to choose your electives

That's universal really, not in high school only. Is it not? - EliHbk

If frankly very so I'll blame them with a fiery orb of hell so I'll make them regret my dreams of becoming a quantum physicist bring tainted and gone into sorrow ashes oh I'll sue them- Kevinsidis

I sense not in the next 2 grades- Kevinsidis

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9 The amount of peer pressure is increased in high school and is generally worse

Ehhh, haven't really had any peer pressure, so... maybe only if you're popular. - mattstat716

Well it’s really only bad if you’re popular

10 More drama

You can kind of avoid drama, as long as you're not popular... - mattstat716

This is lowkey a good thing? drama is fun lol - pjo

Oh boy... - Not_A_Weeaboo

Middle school drama is smaller things and there’s more of it vs high school drama which is slightly less abundant but it’s over bigger things. - Randomator

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11 If you miss a day, you get hours of work to catch up on

Ugh yeah and if you don’t understand it good luck - Randomator

12 Exams that make you want to tear your hair out

Not only that but it could absolutely kill your grade - Randomator

Actually Middle School was a lot worse for me - 2storm

Exams kill me and my grade. - mattstat716

I'm in Y6 right now and Secondary School- I'm from England- Looks real hard for kids like me with autism.

13 Trying to keep your grades up is difficult and tedious

Not to mention that the teacher may throw you a curveball 200 point assignment and drop you from an A to D - Randomator

Very true. Probably has something to do with the fact that grades actually matter in high school

I’m Asian and I tried SO HARD to get straight As to please my high expectations parents but it was tough!

Possibly the most frustrating thing on this list. - mattstat716

14 The school double downs on you about college

Teachers, us teens can decide what WE want to do. I know you have to support us which is great, but stop pushing us to do things that we might not even want to do.

Not just that but basically your future in general

"College is important! You have to focus on us and be good in order to get in! " *facepalms* I know people who used to have LOTS of bad grades get in. - MissRWBY202

"Do what we say because if you don’t, you’ll be in trouble for college! " *Rolls Eyes* - DCfnaf

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15 The fact that your parents lie about High School being better

This is why I haven't spoke to my parents in years.

16 Group projects that half the time no one does anything during the whole project

I actually think High School group projects are overall better than middle school - Randomator

Stop. Doing. Group. Projects. - mattstat716

(Some of) my classmates are a bunch of small minded idiots! - Lucy1402

17 Too different from dramas and movies

Its not Grange Hill, Glee, High School Musical.

18 Trying to pass required testing regardless if it's online or not

Ugh... don’t even get me started - Randomator

Computer?! - Lucy1402

19 The SAT/ACT

I took the PSAT and I failed that.

If you are Asian Andy you don’t get a perfect score on this, you are screwed for life

20 Trying to get enough credits to graduate
21 Too different from dramas and movies

No love...

22 Tardies and Detentions are a lot worse in High School

So true!

Middle school: teacher says nothing/warning
High school: go to the office and get a late pass or else you get detention

Middle school they aren’t a big deal but in high school If you’re tardy you have to go all the way to the attendance office just to get a pass and then go all the way back to class - Randomator

23 The PSAT

I am Asian and I took the PSAT in high school. I failed it :(

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