Things That Make Kik Messenger Terrible

These are the 10 primary reasons why the messenger platform utterly (sucks).

The Top Ten

1 Kik Perverts

SO many old men and catfishes ask for nudes! It's not okay!

I'm sure everyone has their fair share of perverts and nasty old men! - VoidSense

If y’all want to be sexually harassed and threatened by men 3 times your age, this is the place for you!

2 Spam Bots

They ask you to sign up on cam sites! Repeatedly! - VoidSense

3 Kik Trolls

Need I say more? - VoidSense

4 Can't Log Out and Save Chat

Why do we have to log out and manually re chat with everyone? Seriously, it's not the best thing ever especially when you've got something really important to say to the person and you forgot their username.. - VoidSense

At first you couldn't log out. Now it still clears everything when you do. This is the dumbest feature ever. Imagine if excel never lets you save and you lose everything when you turn it off. That renders it useless.

5 Group Spammers

They just need to stop! - VoidSense

6 Group Admins Who Abuse Power

Don't we all have those admins who never should've gotten their powers in the first place? - VoidSense

7 Fake Hackers

This is quite common. - VoidSense

8 The Block Feature

When we want to block someone, we want to actually BLOCK THEM. That means, literally scraping their chats off the database so we can't see what they say. Even if it says *** Blocked Message ***, they can still spam! - VoidSense

9 Annoying Kids

There's a lot of them! - VoidSense

10 People Who Only Say One Word

Why have a kik if all you're going to do is type "Ok" or "Lol"? Engage in conversations! - VoidSense

The Contenders

11 No Multi-Login

Unable to log on to an account from more than 1 device at the same time and get everything in sync

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