Top Ten Things that Make Mario Games More Popular Than Sonic's


The Top Ten

1 The Gameplay
2 Mario is more famous


3 Mario characters are cooler excluding Waluigi

Out of curiosity, why do you hate Waluigi so much? Just saying.

4 Mario goes out in adventures in different landforms like Space for example

Sonic and company have traveled to space many times.

5 Peach appeals to girls, Amy appeals to Yanderes

What are Yanderes? - ToadF1

6 Mario has different abilities, spin attack, floating, etc
7 The enemies may not be better but at least the battles are fun
8 Mario is the definition of a hero

It's annoying how People say Sonic doesn't have any Good Games when he DOES! - ToadF1

Same with Sonic - ToadF1

9 Super Mario Galaxy and 64 made the best selling games so far
10 Sonic Mania is the only good Sonic game

Sonic has got other good games besides Mania - yunafreya648

There are Some More that are Good - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Mario has yoshi which he gets to ride on

Yoshi is Overrated - ToadF1

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