Top Ten Things that Make Modern Family Guy Better Than Old Family Guy

Seasons 7-present of Family Guy are better than 1-6 and here's why.

The Top Ten

1 Darker jokes

Isn't this "original/modern" comparison kind of moronic? Shows that many say have "original/modern" variants hardly ever change. Family Guy hasn't really changed over the years from what I can tell, people are just more sensitive. Hence, there is no "original" or "modern" Family Guy: there is only Family Guy. And the same applies to SpongeBob, for that matter.

I love the direction it went. - ILoveCaillou

They're funny. - henry_danger_is_great

2 Life of Brian Life of Brian

That was such an emotional and genuinely sad episode. I loved it. Best episode ever - ILoveCaillou

3 Meg Abuse

She deserves it. - ILoveCaillou

4 Lois becomes funnier each episode

Especially the one time when she gave Meg a book and Ambien and says "whatever happens, happens". - ILoveCaillou

5 The whale scene from Peter Problems

It was so gory that I burst out laughing. - ILoveCaillou

6 It teaches a good lesson about domestic abuse

Screams of Silence was a good episode because it taught a good lesson about domestic abuse. - ILoveCaillou

7 Graphic violence

There's so much blood that it gets hilarious! - ILoveCaillou

8 The rivalry between Quagmire and Brian

I want to see these two fighting, because it's funny and thrilling to see who wins. - ILoveCaillou

9 Chris is a likable character

Especially when he injected Stewie with steroids. That was a great episode. - ILoveCaillou

He's one of the best characters of all time. - henry_danger_is_great

10 Hilarious pop culture references

I love how obscure the pop culture references get! - ILoveCaillou

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