Top Ten Things That Make a Music Album Good

The Top Ten

1 The Songs

A good combination of songs, for that matter. Something to stretch to everything the artist can do. Better still when mixed in between albums. - PositronWildhawk

The only list, blog post, or pretty much anything that I made in any of my accounts PositronWildhawk commented on. This just makes it one of the lists I'm most proud of on a garbage account.

2 The Production
3 It Was Unique
4 It Didn't Define Any Genres
5 You Could Easily Hear the Bass
6 Good Drumming
7 Good Solos
8 Has Justin Bieber As a Guest Star V 1 Comment
9 Good Riffs
10 Has Miley Cyrus As a Guest Star

The Contenders

11 Pacing

Pacing is really the most important thing to me. Bad pacing can kill an album. Great pacing can make an album so much like a journey. - LelouchYagami

12 Has Nicki Minaj As a Guest Star
13 Has Rebecca Black As a Guest Star
14 Has Barney As a Guest Star
15 Understandable Vocals
16 Have Ariana Grande As a Guest Star
17 Has Yoko Ono As a Guest Star
18 Good Opening Track

Examples: Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones - He introduces himself
Baba O Riley - The Who - Keyboard Intro, and ending of the song reminds you you're in for a good album
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles - We Hope You All Enjoy The Show

19 Good Closing Track V 1 Comment
20 It Stands Out in Some Way V 1 Comment
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