Top Ten Things That Make a Music Album Good

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21 It's Varied

An album that has all songs that sound the same is not going to do very well. Its just the same old thing over and over again. However, if an album has completely different songs that do not sound anyways like, then it'll be better.

Example: Master of Puppets - Metallica - Master of Puppets contains a few thrash classics like Battery and Damage Inc., Master of Puppets and Disposable Heroes. Disposable Heroes has several different melodies and riffs throughout the song, and Master of Puppets has the classical section in the middle of the song. The Thing That Should Not Be, Leper Messiah, and Orion are big heavy metal classics, while not as fast, are still very great. Out of all three of those, Orion would be the best because its an instrumental, Cliff Burton's final bass solo, and the slow part in the middle, as it should be considered one of the greatest works Metallica has ever done, and their best instrumental. You also get a ballad, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), although not as ...more

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