Top 10 Things that Make the Nostalgia Critic Suck Now

The Top Ten

1 The subplots

He criticizes comedies for not being funny but yet his skirts are not funny!

They all come out in cheap unfunny skits that serve as either a pointless metaphor or an eyerolling "awesome" moment. You can tell he wants to be both AVGN and a legit video essayist, but fails at both.

2 He thinks Frozen is a good movie

People still criticize opinions. - MrCoolC

It's absolutely unfair that we are forced to have a negative opinion on Howl's Moving Castle, The Jungle Book (2016), Big Hero 6, The Flintstones, Over the Hedge and so forth in favour of Disney's Frozen, Hotel Transylvania and etc.

So? It’s his opinion - KingSlayer93316

Liking a movie you do not like does not mean he sucks. - 445956

3 The alcohol jokes

Not funny at all - KingSlayer93316

4 He’s a bad actor when he’s normal/mellow
5 He has ignored opinions
6 The Channel Awesome controversy of 2018

I hope that channel awesome goes bankrupt someday and he ends up working at Walmart or McDonald's for the rest of his life!

This showed Doug at his worst, so bad I unsubbed from Channel Awesome. - NightmareCinema

7 He thinks Gladiator is a bad movie
8 The ads
9 The Presidential Campaign from his Planet of the Apes review
10 The Honest Trailer from his Planet of the Apes review

The Contenders

11 The opening sequence to his Rapsittie Street Kids review
12 He bashed Howl's Moving Castle, Big Hero 6, The Jungle Book (2016), The Flintstones, Fievel Goes West and so forth

That's not a good excuse, with Jungle Book (2016) he totally misunderstood it and his constant calling of it as "THE GROWN UP VERSION" got totally old and annoying fast. - SailorSedna

Well, it’s his opinion - BlazingParasol

13 His irrational hatred of Pokémon

Even so, he could come off as hypocritical because he might defend Amourshipping as a healthy relationship.

So? I don’t like Pokémon either, but just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean he’s bad! - KingSlayer93316

14 It Was Revealed He Had Hidden the Fact JewWario Was a Sexual Predator, Lied About It and Did a Tribute to It

Truth is we will never know for sureif he was guilty or not considering how easy it is to slander a dead person it is still however just terrible that Doug along with many other people covered up these allegations since these are things you should never cover up regardless if the person is guilty or not - Mario8

I'm not kidding. He actually did something like that, which added more fuel to the fire over the Channel Awesome controversy. - SailorSedna

15 His Sketches/Jokes are NOT Funny.

He criticizes a comedy for not being funny and yet his sketches are not funny!

He thinks spouting out random noise/slapstick is comedy when it isn't. - SailorSedna

16 His Sailor Moon Review

Need I say more? This was his "Jumping the Shark" moment. - SailorSedna

17 The live-action reviews
18 His Clipless Reviews

From what I glimpsed of his "review" of Deadpool 2, I felt more like I was watching a horrible Deadpool/crossover fanfilm than a review. - SailorSedna

19 Him Scamming $90,000 out of his fans and making that terrible "Pop Quiz Hotshot"
20 Him Being Complacent, Not Stopping Mike Michaud During His Abuse of Power, Not Giving a Proper Apology to The Other Producers/Content Creators

I can't believe it was revealed Doug was THIS much of a scumbag, I also can't believe I used to like/LOVE him. - SailorSedna

21 The Use of Nazi Jokes in His "Care Bears: The Nutcracker Suite" Review

Those were not funny in the slightest (hell, I'm even part German myself), and this was also where I started to see cracks in Doug's reviewing skills. - SailorSedna

22 He hates Blue Sky Studios for no real good reason
23 Said Michael Jackson's Moon-walker movie was crap.
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