Top 10 Things that Make Old Roblox Better Than New Roblox

ROBLOX was released in April 2006. Back then, it was a great game, that was until about 2016. This is why old ROBLOX was better than the new version.

The Top Ten Things that Make Old Roblox Better Than New Roblox


I wish I was in this era

Before its removal in April 2016, you would get 10 TIX everyday if you signed into ROBLOX. I believe you could also get 1 TIX if someone joined your game. Now there's only ROBUX left, and you have to either use real money to get it or be lucky enough for a group to give you some ROBUX. - AlexImmortal420

2 The Community

Nowadays, the community is a bunch of immature 8 year olds who want to eat ROBUX off pros. - AlexImmortal420

3 No Online Daters (Or Only A Few)

Alexlmmortal420 online daters came in 2010

I think the online daters came in 2009. Back then there weren't that many. But today there are too many. ROBLOX isn't even banning them. - AlexImmortal420

4 Not That Many Scambots

I think the scambots increased after TIX was removed. Scambots (or phishers) keep sending you friend requests/messages, joining games or going to the comments section of clothing and they all put down the same comment over and over again and their avatars all look the same (or slightly different). The comment leads to a "Free ROBUX" site that steals your personal info and could get your account deleted. - AlexImmortal420

5 The Games Were Better

Old roblox games are boring

Why is the new deathrun bad? It’s kinda good

Back then, the games were actually good, and there were more games about building or destroying. Nowadays, there are too many simulators and roleplays. Take DeathRun for example. In my opinion, the old DeathRun was great and the new DeathRun is stupid. - AlexImmortal420

6 The Catalog Wasn't Filled With Cloned Clothing

Most of the clothes you see on the catalog are clones of another and they have names that are the same word repeated multiple times. - AlexImmortal420

7 No Chat Filter

Yes, I know, people could swear before 2013, but the chat filter is horrible. It censors so many appropriate words, like "Discord" or even numbers. - AlexImmortal420

8 No Anthro

Anthro is an avatar type that resembles the form of A HUMAN. THAT'S NOT WHAT ROBLOX IS SUPPOSED TO BE. - AlexImmortal420

9 You Could Buy Lifetime Builders Club

Just like #1 (TIX), this is why I think ROBLOX is greedy. In August 2015 ROBLOX removed the ability to buy lifetime because, TBC or OBC. - AlexImmortal420

10 The Amount Of Clickbait Was Low

Nowadays, the games you see have misleading thumbnails stolen from videos by YouTube ROBLOX clickbaiters like Denis, I can tell if they used one because I can see the ROBLOX logo in the thumbnails. - AlexImmortal420

The Contenders

11 The Events
12 Egg Hunt
13 Less Toxic Players

The people are just very disrespectful. You can find a lot of them in prison life.

14 Good Updates
15 Roblox death sound
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