Top 10 Things That Make People Ugly


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1 Selfishness

I agree with selfishness, I mean a person could be TOTALLY beautiful.. But be really selfish and deceiving. And that could make the person UGLY. Selfishness just doesn't work with Beauty. I'd rather choose to be friends with someone who's willing to be humble & share stuff with the world, Than someone whos selfish and so obnoxious. PEOPLE here's a tip. Just don't be SELFISH!

That's official top in a person that makes him/her so ugly

You Justin Bieber is very ugly he needs to fix himself up

This sums up every ugly quality

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2 Envy

I cannot stand girls who put other girls down/make them feel bad, just because they are jealous.

3 Betrayal

What a twisted heart! Just like their ugly faces!

It's a shame that a pretty face is all some people see. More shallow than a puddle. - Britgirl

Pretty face ugly heart.

Blindfolded they are...They are actually betraying themselves.. - Ananya

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4 Humiliation

It's not their fault sometimes but it can destroy you - PositronWildhawk

Yeah you don't plan it but it ruins you

Humor is a great medicine for boredom...
Just...only make fun of JB of course...

5 Racism

The color of someone's skin shouldn't be a problem, it has nothing to do with their personality. Personality doesn't come with color...

6 Drugs


7 Cruelty
8 Perversion
9 Cynicism
10 Gossip

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? Plastic Surgery

It’s a choice I know, but it makes pretty men and women look like dolls and toys

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11 Sadism
12 Self-righteousness
13 Hypocrisy
14 Grimness

Have to agree with this one. If you have a warm, kind, happy personality, it shows through and makes people realise how beautiful you really are. Mean, nasty, aggressive personality types will almost definitely make a person appear 'ugly'. An old saying but beauty really is only skin deep. I would rather take home a battered cardboard box with a diamond inside than a nicely-presented gift box with nothing but a crumbling brick inside. Those who disagree are shallow and not worth wasting time on. - Britgirl

Can't be said any better britgirl - llamabaconllama37

Just b/c you aren't a loud mouth doesn't mean that you're an ugly person.

15 Jealousy

Such a sad thing, people can't appreciate what others have... - Ananya

16 Gluttony

This is the cause of obesity. - RockFashionista

17 Sexism

Whenever anybody points out that I uphold some feminine stereotypes I just say, "do I look like 3.5 billion people? " :P not joking though for me sexism is the single most unattractive quality in a person

18 Hobophobia

"but Goodd says it's wrooong! " So is wearing a shirt that's made up of more than one fabric. See you in Hell I suppose.

That is just not right, You should be able to love who ever you want no matter what if you found someone you fell in love with but they are the same sex as you it should not even matter.

Except for the fact that it's a crime against nature and a crime against God. The Bible describes marriage as "The unity between one MAN and one WOMAN." - LordDovahkiin

Actually, it does matter. People were not made to love the same sex as them in that way. It's unnatural, and wrong.

19 Acne
20 Hatred
21 Ignorance

This is the top for me.

22 Lying
23 Pride
24 Shallowness

Agreed, I hate this one - Ananya

25 Malice
26 Piercings
27 Fried Foods
28 Ambition
29 Lust
30 Nihilism
31 Homophobia

If you were in love with someone with the same sex as you, you should suffer losing your true love just because they are the same sex as you.

32 Popularity
33 Being Judgemental
34 Being Controlling
35 Tattoos
36 Stress
37 Make-Up
38 Bad teeth
39 Sass
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