Top Ten Things to Make On Scribblenauts Unlimited

I played through the whole game and came across some really neat and cool things. Then I reset the ENTIRE game and I forgot a lot of the stuff I discovered. What is the coolest thing you've come across?

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1 Genie

This guy is so cool. I think you should vote it as number 1!

It will make a lot of different things

He just stared at me... Creepy

This guy is sweet

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2 Black Hole

This thing is prettyy coll. It destroys everything and anything. Try making it colossal. - llamabaconllama37


You want to die respawn and have a cleaner world a black holes
Your man or item or imagine how do you spell things


you can make dad guy shadow your shadow even yourself in
Scribblenauts rimix

3 Maxwell

That's right! For those of you who didn't know you can actually make yourself! He comes with a notebook (the same one you have). Steal the notebook or kill him or whatever you want to do but get that notebook! When you use it you never know what will happen! - llamabaconllama37

He spawns the weirdest things! He is awesome although evil...


4 Flame Thrower

It destroys everything and looks really cool while its doing it. - llamabaconllama37

5 Force Field

Really cool but it gets washed away in waves

You can also make it fast and deadly

So awesome!

Not even death can kill you hahajahajaaa

6 Wave

And die or get a surfboard and surf the waves and still die

I just like it because... Well, try it for yourself and see. - llamabaconllama37

7 Police and Mafia/Murderers/Gang Members etc.

I just liked watching them battle it out. - llamabaconllama37

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8 Freeze Ray

I mean you can stop everyone with it.

I got shot by this one, haha

9 Slender Man

Not part of the game, - Extractinator04

U can make Slenderman?


10 UFO

They are fun to ride around in and can hold a very large amount of stuff in them. - llamabaconllama37

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? Hoverboard
? Chupacabra

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11 Leviathan

This guy is super aggressive and I love to make different monsters to have him fight just to see who would win. - llamabaconllama37

12 Nyan Cat

I made mine rideable and fast

You are scary

Nyan cat is awesome nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan!

It doesn’t work

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13 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.

Yum yum Dino and he might eat everything

Yoshi is fun
try it


14 Mech

This is so awesome

15 Sheik

It’s not in the game

16 Tabuu

You can do that? I knew about Link, Sheik, Mario, Hookshot, etc. but I didn't know about Tabuu. I swear I tried it before though..

No. Remove this one. BUT you can make Tabuu in the level editor, so...

You can make tabuu!?

Not in the game, - Extractinator04

17 Robo-hamster

It's called robosaur


18 Giant Enemy Crab

I thought this was really cool...and weird I put a hydra on him

Very cool. Fun to ride on.

19 Sandworm

Shoot him with a LOVE BOW or MIND CONTROL DEVICE (so he's friendly) and ride him (you might need to put a saddle on him.

I love this guy I had to battle it in a witch battle

No you do not

20 Hovertank

Its cool I guess


21 Ooze

Indestructible and really really really CREEPY

22 Death

Something that klls anything it touches.

I hate death

23 Hydra

An a epic monster

24 Mothman
25 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" . V 1 Comment
26 Gravity Gun

It will be awesommmee!

27 Medusa

Kill her and get her head and powers

28 Titan

Lava form of titan

Stone form of titan

Plant form of titan

Air form of titan

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29 Plasma Gun
30 Minigun

Because it shoots really quick and is the weopon of death

31 Turtle

What could be better

32 Onion Ring
33 Cockatrice
34 Chicken
35 Sniper Rifle

It is fun to shoot people with and u should also make robot flying raptors and saddles

36 Elixir

Heals health.

37 Tacgnol

Black Cat popping out of a black cloud.

38 Low Rider

Very ugly but it fits in the game... P.S. it is a car that rides very low

39 Yugioh Zexal Yugioh Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal is a Japanese manga and anime series and the the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, as well as the third main spin-off series of the franchise. The manga began serialization in Shueisha's V-Jump magazine from December 2010 and is licensed in North America by Viz Media.
40 Jetpack

Plain and useless you fly very high but for 1/2 second

41 Chi

Very long very weird very cool ver RIDICULOUS

42 Robosaur
43 Mechman
44 Nuke

It destroys everything in the room

45 Flying Car
46 Chain Gun
47 Long Cat

Is this a joke?

48 Keyboard Cat

He's just plin awesome Play 'em off, Keyboard Cat!

49 Potato Gun

Cause why not

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