Top 10 Things to Make Sonic Better


The Top Ten

1 Put him back the way he was

I am honestly not a fan of the new looks. everyone is starting to hate sonic now! When people saw the leaked photo for sonic boom last year, I started seeing people who loved sonic saying " sonic is trash and Sega made a huge mistake" so if sonic reverted back to his normal look AND GAMEPLAY, maybe people will start liking him again. I mean I've been a fan since I was 6 when adventure 2 came out - Zombieman99

Classic sonic is better - Delgia2k

2 Sonic adventure 3
3 Bring back Jason Griffith

I honestly thought he was one of the best voice actors "You're too slow! " - Zombieman99

4 Stop making Knuckles an idiot and a tryhard
5 Stop trying to make knock-offs of the Chaos Emeralds

Chaos crystals... Seriously... ? - Zombieman99

6 Another anniversary title

Anyone think they should remake one of the classics? - Zombieman99

7 Make a sequel to Unleashed
8 More Rouge the Bat
9 Get Rid of Tails
10 Put Sally Acorn In the Video Games

The Contenders

11 Usher voices Sonic the Hedgehog, NicePeter voices Tails, Ray William Johnson voices Knuckles, Iggy Azalea voices Amy Rose, Pitbull voices Shadow and Shane Dawson voices Silver
12 Amy Rose gets a 5'9" height, big/wide/elongated, hyper-feminine thighs/torso/hips, only wears a scanty top and a miniskirt and is slightly over 5 feet in body width, thanks to her thighs, torso and hips
13 Make Shadow more included
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