Top Ten Things that Make Super Mario Odyssey the Game of the Year


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1 You've got Cappy

You've got a talking hat that you throw. Can it get better? - Spicygarlic

2 999 Power Moons

"Super Mario Galaxy has 120 stars.
Super Mario Galaxy has 242 stars."

Eh? You mean galaxy 2 right?

Why not skip it to 1,000? I don't like that odd number. - TheYoshiPyro64

So much moons! I keep on playing this game to hunt down them! odyssey is GOTY for me

Super Mario Galaxy has 120 stars.
Super Mario Galaxy has 242 stars.

I'm not saying they're bad games, 'cause they're great games! But Odyssey has 999! You'll be playing forever, and will never be bored. - Spicygarlic

3 New Outfits

I won't spoil it. - Spicygarlic

4 Gorgeous Graphics
5 The Metro Kingdom

Pauline's back, b*tches! - Spicygarlic

6 The music

Tostarena at Night.

My favourite song from the soundtrack is Run, Jump, Throw! 2. - TheYoshiPyro64

This should be higher the best in the game are jump up super star, fossil falls, moon cavern escape, honeylune ridge caverns and mount volbono

It's good music. Let's just say that. - Spicygarlic

7 Diverse area themes
8 Evil wedding Confirmed
9 This game single-handedly pounded the other companies
10 No Waluigi

What's with these Waluigi haters? I don't hate him anymore. - ParkerFang

Man, Waluigi's cool - Spicygarlic

Oh please! This is exactly the biggest reason I hate Waluigi hatebase! Can they stop spam their hatred (or should I say that certain user should stop spamming his hatred). - darthvadern

1. A game can't be good or bad ALL because it doesn't have a character in it.
2. Waluigi was a costume in Super Mario Odyssey.
3. The Waluigi hate is getting old. - TheYoshiPyro64

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11 If you thought it was great enough, think about such a STRONG game on a handheld.

I mean it's a Switch, so it's obvious. I'm dumb. Couldn't think of anything else. - Spicygarlic

12 No Koopalings

What's wrong with the Koopalings? I like them. - TheAwesomeBowser

Finally Nintendo was smart and we got some unique boss battles again - Randomator

13 No Wendy

But Wendy's has good food :( - Spicygarlic

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