Things that Make the Super Nintendo Better Than the Sega Genesis


The Top Ten

1 Better Graphics

The graphics are more colorful, have more details, and greater effects. - ZesaX

They're both very old consoles.
Besides, didn't Sega stop making consoles? - mattstat716

This is my answer to the reasons why the Sega Genesis is better than the Super Nintendo thread - ZesaX

2 Realistic Sounds and Music

The sound comes out much more clearer on the Snes - ZesaX

3 More Quality Games

Super Nintendo has quality games like final fantasy, F Zero, Super Mario World, link to the past, and even turtles in time. - ZesaX

4 Mario

He is and always will be better than Sonic. - ZesaX

5 Their "Play It Loud" Campaign.

This was Nintendo's "screw you" to Sega - ZesaX

6 More Sales on Products

The Snes sales worldwide is 49 to 50 million worldwide. - ZesaX

7 Super FX and Mode 7

These can show off the real power of what the Super Nintendo can do. - ZesaX

8 Uniracers Proved the Snes Can Be as Fast as the Genesis

As the title just said. There are also other games. - ZesaX

9 More Variety of Levels in Each Game

Like in star Fox, and in castlevania 4. - ZesaX

10 It Didn't Have Any Crappy Add-Ons

The Sega Cd and 32x were both trash. No lie. - ZesaX

The Contenders

11 Better Sound and Music
12 Better Games
13 Better Mascot Game: Super Mario World Better Mascot Game: Super Mario World
14 More Comfortable Controller with the first L and R buttons
15 Can Be Pushed to the Limits of Its Hardware
16 Better Lightgun: Super Scope 6
17 Better Gameplay on Games
18 Superior Specs
19 Better Sales
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