Top Ten Things That Make TheTopTens Boring


The Top Ten

1 No Ideas

Most ideas people do get on here, It's already on the top tens. Everything is taken inch-by-inch. - TheMainReason

New trends will hatch new ideas. There will never be a shortage of ideas. - Turkeyasylum

2 No Activity

No votes on your own content to you not voting other peoples content. Also no following or commenting. Laziness leads to boredom. - TheMainReason

There seems to be too much adding of new lists and not enough visiting, revisiting, voting and commenting on existing as well as newer lists. Some decent things get ignored. Too many lists, too many varied interests, too much dilution. - Billyv

3 Lame Lists

You check the top tens hoping there is something decent, but then there's some lame list about Lacrosse or something nobody ever clicks on. - TheMainReason

4 No One Messing with You

This is the result of you not messing with them. - TheMainReason

5 You're Mostly on Here to See if Anyone Voted

1 or 2 votes on a list you thought was kind of cool. Not enough. - TheMainReason

6 The Boring Users

Especially the know it alls who always need to correct your opinions. cough, cough - TheMainReason

There's a user who's only follower is me. His lists are really interesting. - IronSabbathPriest

Wolftail is right.
Hehe, nobody knows a secret about me. We all have more than what you see at first. - Stormver101

A few facts about me and my life:
- I have a black belt in karate.
- My father is a published author, with over ten books in print.
- I've visited numerous world landmarks, including Terezin concentration camp and the Grand Canyon.
- I've listened to more psychedelic music in fourteen years than a lot of people hear in a lifetime.

It's the "boring users" who keep me coming back to this site. - PetSounds

7 The Boring Atmosphere

Just being on the TopTens just aims the boredom gun at your forehead. - TheMainReason

8 You've Been a Member Too Long

I have been here since 2009. If you're going to blame anyone for sticking around and supporting their favourite website, blame me. I will stand by this site, and its many members. We're (mostly) a positive, friendly, supportive group of people. Don't turn on people for no reason. - BKAllmighty

You're tired of the site a little anyway. - TheMainReason

In a month I'll be a year long member I never get tired of this of this site! - funnyuser

Cough cough Britgirl Cough cough - jimster123

Dude, she has only been here since 2013. I have been here since 2009. Why don't you cough cough leave her alone cough cough? - BKAllmighty

9 Good TopTenners Have Retired

Old good TopTenners retire, new good TopTenners fill in their shoes. Nothing boring about that. - Kiteretsunu

10 The Justin Bieber Joke

The trademark joke :P - nko32

The Contenders

11 "Laziness"

Seek and ye shall find! Lots of good and diverse subjects on here. You may have to work a bit to find those that pique your interest but LOOK and be Open to considering various things. Vote, Comment! It's a lot like Life - you have to sort thru the weeds and participate. - Billyv

I am a constant comment-poster who adds 10-15 comments a day, but when my holidays started, I was adding 60-70 comments a day. How can you find it lazy? And I make lists too. - Animefan12

12 Unfriendly TopTenners
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