Top 10 Things that Make a TV Show Bad

The Top Ten

1 They are filled with toilet humor

Sanjay and Craig is one good example of this - Neonco31

Most of these entries are toillet humor. - SocialMediaStinks

2 They are the reason good shows treated unfairly

Too much Teen Titans Go and not enough Steven Universe (While I don't watch it that much, there is a crowd for it, and I support what they want) - SocialMediaStinks

That's modern Spongebob in a nutshell. - egnomac

3 The characters have annoying voices

*cough*Scrappy Doo and Bunga from The Lion Guard*cough*

Serena form Pokemon has a very annoying voice, but I still like her. Just because a voice is annoying it doesn't mean it's bad. Just watch Bunsen Is a Beast. - SocialMediaStinks

Like Bubbles from the new PPG. And if that isn't enough, she was twerking as well - TwilightKitsune

Oh gosh yes, her voice is very annoying, it irritates me. In the original, her voice was not annoying.

4 They are unfunny and unlikable

Ah, Fanboy and Chum Chum and Breadwinners, they are all unfunny and so unlikable - Neonco31

5 They try too hard to be funny

Like modern Spongebob and post Sparky FOP.

6 They are the reason you never watch TV anymore

True, this is why I prefer to watch my favorite shows online instead of waiting for a certain show or episode to come out.

I rarely watch T.V. nowadays, I watch everything on the internet instead - Neonco31

7 They try too hard to be hip and cool
8 They are about butts

I want to talk to Sanjay and Craig's creator and ask him why he like butts so much - SocialMediaStinks

Best example Breadwinners. - egnomac

Another great example is Sanjay And Craig.

The best example is actually 'The Day My Butt Went Psycho' - kempokid

9 Toilet humor

It's already here twice - Neonco31

10 Too many pop-culture references

If you don't get this, watch PowerPuff Girls 2016 - SocialMediaStinks

The Contenders

11 They make good shows looks bad
12 They are over-aired

*cough* Teen Titans Go *cough* - SocialMediaStinks

13 Poorly Written Plot and Characters
14 Overused tropes and cliches that we've seen before too many times
15 Some species of animal are portrayed negatively

Even though The Lion Guard introduced a good hyena, that is still not enough to repair the damage to the animal's rep caused by the movie it's spun off from (The Lion King) since Jasiri is girly and smaller than the male hyenas in the show, very unlike the real species, and The Lion Guard's three main antagonists are hyenas, who still represent the "evil three stooges" stereotype seen in The Lion King's hyenas and other villainous trios in movies and such. Not original at all. I'm hoping that next time some show or such creates a spotted hyena character in the future, it will be an amazon brigade. (after all, spotted hyena clans are matriarchal, and also very intelligent and have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom)

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