Things to Make the Uncharted Series Better

Uncharted 2 has been out for almost a year, yet people complain that there still a lot of problems on it. What do you think they should add or get rid of to make the next game perfect?

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1 Weaken Punching

1 pistol shot, then a punch and your already dead. Should weaken punching but make it a bit faster. - mgsfan

2 Fix Lag

this is the most unfair of them all, althought s.a. is for bitches, the punching should be weaker. the pump really doesn't bother me, I don't need more weapons and the grenades are good - suarez44

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3 Add More Weapons
4 Stop Pump Taunt Spamming

people spam the pump taunt way too much gets really annoying - mgsfan

5 Limit Situational Awareness

incredibly cheap, should only be able to use it once per life. - mgsfan

6 Limit Grenades

when you go to finish someone off all they do is throw a grenade down and you have a 5% chance of living. should only be able to hold 1 grenade and you don't start with one. - mgsfan

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