Top Ten Things That Make Us Plain Human Beings

If anyone is so special that they disagree with this list, then get off planet Earth. You are not human.

The Top Ten

1 We All Make Mistakes

The first 10 items are definitely true! - cosmo

Except for Chuck Norris, of course. - PetSounds

Chuck Norris doesn't make mistakes, mistakes make Chuck Norris. - Therandom

A bit cliche but nobody's perfect - Curti2594

2 We All Need to Love and Be Loved

Everybody, everybody wants to love, everybody, everybody wants to be loved... - keycha1n

People who aren't loved are more likely to commit suicide. - RockFashionista

We all need it. I love you Tina - keyson

Spred Love! So let's not hate others just for making little mistakes! - SamuiNeko

I would take all this hippie stuff more seriously if you knew how to spell spread. - HerbiQuintus

3 We All Have Secrets

A lot of people don't like that we have secrets. It's completely normal! - Turkeyasylum

Having secrets is cool..It means all of us are cool! - Ananya

4 We are All Judgmental

We might judge people at first, but when we meet the people who we judged, we might end up being wrong about them. - Delgia2k

I'm an alien Britgirl! And I disagree with this list! - Therandom

I'm judgmental of Muslims, bronies, Americans, and furries.

Me: So, what do you like
Belieber: I like Justin Bieber
Me: You suck

5 We All Share the Same Emotions
6 We All Lie Sometimes

Oh, apparently I NEVER lie and break rules! That's mostly true, but sometimes I do slip out a white lie and break some rules every now and then, but only if the rule/lie is not going to have negative effects on anyone. - Lunala

7 We All Have a Purpose in Life

Last time I checked, God never created anyone by Accident, not even Justin Bieber.

8 We are All Equal

not true

Nobody is more equal than anybody else. - PetSounds

Feminazis don't realize this. - cosmo

9 We are All Different
10 We All Have Desires and Regrets

The Contenders

11 We All are Power Hungry Inside

No!...*remembers Pisces means world domination this week*

Just a thought in my mind - Toucan

No, not all of us. I personally don't care. *Thinks for a little while...* oh, wait... - Britgirl

12 We are All Curious

There wouldn't be scientific discoveries and improvements if we never asked ourselves how does something work. - Bruno2202

13 We All Live on Planet Earth

No. I live in the yellow submarine! You're wrong! >:( - Misfire

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1. We are All Different
2. We All Make Mistakes
3. We All are Power Hungry Inside
1. We All Make Mistakes
2. We All Need to Love and Be Loved
3. We All Have Desires and Regrets
1. We All Make Mistakes
2. We All Need To Love And Be Loved
3. We Are All Judgmental Sometimes

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