Things that Make "What About Us" by Pink Overrated

Many people seem to love Pink's What About Us, which has been all over the radio for 7 months now. But it's not that good. This is the last I will ever post about this song, because I'm tired of this song and talking about it.

The Top Ten

1 The chorus is ear-grating

UGH. Feel like leaving the car when I hear it. This is the whiniest chorus I've heard, ever. - allamassal

2 The radio has played it way too much

Looking back at this list, I realize that I should have put this at 2nd place instead of "Because it's depressing". - allamassal

People should be sick of this song by now. RIGHT? - allamassal

3 Because it's depressing

Seriously. This song depresses me to the point where I feel like it was written to be played 1 hour after something tragic happens. I actually cried once after it came on. - allamassal

4 Because it gets stuck in your head Because it gets stuck in your head

I've had this song in my head for at least 36 hours total by now, 18 hours over just 3 days. I have even heard my mom singing lyrics of this song at random. UPDATE: I had to hear the whole thing in a store at the mall, and sure enough it's been stuck in my head for nearly 2 days now, and even when another song is in my head, it feels like What About Us is still there in the back of my head waiting for its time to shine. - allamassal

5 There are simply much better songs

Like Heaven In Hiding!

Such as Believer, Perfect, Feel It Still, Havana, How Long, almost everything by Halsey, etc. - allamassal

6 Most of the people that like it are diehard Pink fans

Really. "I've never liked a Pink song before, but What About Us is great" - Said no one ever. If you have to be an overbearing, diehard fan to not be annoyed by a song, you know something is wrong. One person on this site said that Pink is the best and that they have paintings of her in their house, and that they love this song. - allamassal

7 It's not as good as her older songs
8 Because the melody is repetitive

The whole song is just based off the same three sequences of notes, and it just gets repetitive after a little bit. - allamassal

9 The message can be expressed in a better way
10 Even some Pink fans don't like it

If even some of your fans don't like a song, that says something. - allamassal

I’m a Halsey fan and if you could blow up songs, I would blow up Colors Part 2.

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