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21 When Micheal Jackson Died

I cried 12 hours when he died in 2008 long live Michael jackson life is a thriller without him I'm not looking at the man in the mirror

I was so sad when mj died. especially after watching that funeral

One of the saddest days in history.

Me: I'm glad everything is good now
news: BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson died!
me:...NOOO - RainbowArtist191

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22 Someone Is Really Sick

My great grandpa died of cancer.

Yes I'm sick at the mo and I'm trying to cry
I'm looking up ways on how to cry :(

My black lab that my parents had gotten a long time before I was even
born died of cancer

23 Watching the Notebook

Saddest movie ever! But it is very good and you can't miss it

24 You're Proud of Someone

My friend got a main role in a play and I cried watching her oops and it was during funny scenes

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25 Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

I can't think of anything worse.
& seriously getting turned down by someone you asked out is worse than your parents getting a divorce or someone being really sick seriously? & I know someone dying is bad but everyone has to die, right? but some people are lucky enough to never have to face the d word.

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26 Being Called a Loser

Only if you have no mental will, or if you're called that whilst chopping chillies

Prove yourself and then see how dynamic a human behaviour can be. - Ananya

I just have the urge to punch them in the face.

My school has really nice people and when they call you this you know it's a joke but this happened.
So everyone's favorite teacher is a jokester. He decided to write on the window above the door 'loser' so whenever anyone stood in front of the door, you'd see that. Even the school secretary accidentally fell for it. - AnonymousChick

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27 The Death of Rock Music

I can't tell what is rock music and what isn't these days. - AnonymousChick

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28 Touching Songs + the Music Video

I saw the music video flor dare you to move by switchfoot and just felt like crying... But I'm not a cry-er-person ;p

29 Getting Asked Out As a Prank

Laura pranks me with text message about the death of Laura's friend Emma, then I posted it on Facebook, the next morning my friends gets really angry at me about the post from last night and the Laura got me expelled from TAFE

My sis got asked out as a prank she said no but her friend sayed yes and she cryed buckets when she got dumped. She was just like 'why did he doo that I mean I didn't do nothing wrong. Then I got asked out as a prank and I said ye and he dumped me so I battered him!... Laugh out loud he came to my dor the next day and apologized.

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30 Furious 7 Ending - For Paul Scene

This makes a lot of people cry. Touching ending

31 Favorite Show Gets Cancelled

When The Simpsons ends, I will scream-cry for 2 weeks

I'll Cry For The Rest Of My Life When MLP Gets Cancelled. :'(

I get SO mad when K.C. Undercover does not show up. I feel like the television is tricking me!

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32 The Death Of Prince

At least he can no longer torture us - Kaboom

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33 Lost Item

I get really stressed about this. - nic1997ps3

I really don't want to lose anything, especially things that mean a lot to me.

I scream so loud that my mom tells me to get out of the house!

I admit to crying over this... - AnonymousChick

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34 Masturbating

It's a really bad feeling :( for men actually!

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35 The Titanic

I cry all the time when I think about the Titanic!

36 Stress

I get stressed at times and a cry for some reason

37 Mitch Lucker's Death

I still cry buckets and it's been nine and a half months.

38 Disappointment from Someone You Really Love

My crush was sad and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. It wasn't like them to be sad or show that they were sad

39 Undertale

This makes me cry from the cringe

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40 Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar V 1 Comment
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