Things That Make You Cry

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41 Undertale

This makes me cry from the cringe

V 1 Comment
42 The Holocaust

6 Million People Died, It was All Hitler's Fault

43 Toy Story 3
44 Lost Girls
45 Getting Fired

Depends on what job you get fired from, but I think this refers to getting fired from your favorite job.

46 Purple Nurples

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa lines:

Old Lady: Come in Tokyo!
*twists Alex's nipple*
Alex: *screams*

This is so nasty and painful, yet funny.

47 Pictures of Families Reunited

Those things make me cry like HELL.

48 Being Helpless

My best friend left me and doesn't like me anymore

"This is one of the worst feelings in the world.."

49 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong V 1 Comment
50 Death of Lee Everett (The Walking Dead Video Game)

Everyone knows that Lee's death was one of the things that make you cry - whodafuqisthisguy

Man, I thought he was going to make it through. *sniffs* - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

51 Selena Quintanilla's Murder
52 Cave Story
53 Mother 3
54 Stray Cats and Dogs

I always cry seeing pictures of stray animals. There are some stray cats on the street by my house and it's winter! Also, there are some really sad commercials that are super sad.

55 Anxiety

I have a severe anxiety disorder. Like really bad and nobody understands at its like. All of a sudden whatever you were thinking of before completely is blacked out and gone. All you see and imagine is the worst possible things going through your mind and the worst feeling. You feel like you might die. And after you attacks over, all you can do is cry.

56 Seeing Someone You Look Up to Sad
57 Getting Scammed on Animal Jam
58 Best Friend Fakes Death Prank
59 Hearing a Sad Song

I kinda cried listening to the end of Daddy by Korn for the first time, as well as Kill You and Holding All These Lies. - NikBrusk

I once heard Cancer by My Chemical Romance and I was having a really bad day and my grampa has cancer so I just cried a lot - AnonymousChick

60 Christina Grimmie's Murder

I didn't know much about her until she was killed, man that made me cry a long time.

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