Top Ten Things That Make You Feel Frustrated

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1 Misunderstanding

I know. I get misunderstood a lot and each time I want to throw something out a window (I have anger issues) - AnnaOfArendelle332

This is definitely number one for me, in School I don't understand something, I just try again. - funnyuser

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2 Unexpected Insensitivity

It's so bad the hyper-sensitivity these days, grow up everybody! - AGK

The moral is simply this: don't be a jerk. - PositronWildhawk

3 Indifference

Or when someone CLAIMS to be indifferent but they're not.

Kyle: What do you want to do today?
Stan: I don't know, I'm good with whatever.
Cartman: Okay, how about the movies?
Stan: No, movies these days suck, I don't want to see them.
Kenny: *mumbles*
Stan: Not the mall, they all just try to make money selling stupid things.
Kyle: Okay, what's YOUR suggestion?
Stan: I don't know, I'm good with whatever.

Taken (not word for word) from South Park. The whole episode is about people hating Stan. Share your opinion please when you're with friends! - Songsta41

Yes! Damn! You just want to shake the "I don't know", "I don't care" and the "whatever" out of them. Come on! You must have an opinion! - Britgirl

4 Blindness
5 Rudeness
6 Wickedness
7 Arguing With Stupid People

This doesn't exist, since you cannot argue with stupid people. You just can't. - Britgirl

Person 1: You suck.
Person 2: Why, what did I do wrong?
Person 1: No, you just suck.
Person 2: Well tell me why!
Person 1: You suck just for saying that. - Songsta41

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8 Stinginess
9 Boredom
10 Great Lies

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11 Numbness

There was a time in my life where I'd felt no emotions at all. A time when all I did was stare at a clock, watching the second hand just tick over. It seemed to last for hours. - Britgirl

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13 People Who Can't Accept You For Who You Are
14 Time Traveling on the TV Show Flash
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