Top Ten Things That Make You Wanna Cry


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1 Writing a story online and accidentally delete it

I cried it was about warriors. But that made the story even better. - Badgerflame

I accidentally deleted ALL of my stories and I did cry - AnonymousChick

This happened to me once. I was so upset! :( - Wolftail

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2 Having a fight with your BFF

Really? I find having no fights even worse. We might've had some fights, but I like that we're strong enough to stick it through as best friends. Honestly, if you never fight, you probably aren't close enough to be real with each other. It means you can handle a difference in opinion, not to mention, some have given me the necessary slap to reality that no one but my best friend could've given me. - keycha1n

If anything I'm actually the one who make them cry :P. Because I was "too harsh". Yeah, playing a little prank, that's definitely harsh (sarcasm). Actually, sure I can get a little too harsh when mad, but they asked for it! Who wouldn't get mad if ruined their reputation? Or if someone was being a hypersensitive crybaby? I'm sure everyone would get mad if that happens - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I don't cry anymore at this. I just tell them to suck it and I walk away. - AnonymousChick

I never had a fight with my friends

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3 Breaking up with your BF/GF

NaH. I'm used to it. Most my relationships last 3 days. - 51im_Ro55_2002

4 Horrible grade even though you did all of your work

Oh god, yes. This one right here. I once got 8/10 for my final grade even though I got a 9.5 on my test, did all of my work and homework, and put a LOT of time into my project. - AnonymousChick

Aw 8/10 is actually really good I got like 6/10 don't be hard on yourself

5 Feel different

Actually, being different is fun. I enjoy being the most different out of every student in my class (I'm the only who doesn't give a crap about all those trends, boy/girlfriends, social medias, selfies, etc). It makes me feel...sorta unique (but I'm don't feel unique in other places like this site because many people are like me). Yeah, I do have some, no, lots of troubles fitting in, but honestly, I don't really care about not fitting in anymore (I care about it a little thougj) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I feel different from EVERYONE no matter WHERE I go. - RockFashionista

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6 Moving

I have done this SO many times throughout my lifetime. I didn't cry once. - RockFashionista

7 Death
8 Death of favorite pet

My sister's hamster died recently and my family all sat together and cried the whole morning. - pandagirl

9 Squeezing lemon juice in your eyes

Never done it but it probably make u blind or in pain for the rest of your life

10 Broken something awesome

My headphones only last three months. The they break and I cry. - AnonymousChick

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11 Listening to Rap music
12 Obnoxious fangirls
13 Making an awesome list but accidentally delete it
14 Watching Military Coming Home Videos
15 Watching St. Jude Commercials
16 Five Nights at Freddy's 4
17 When people live in poverty
18 Furious 7 ending, for Paul scene
19 Your best friend doesn't consider you his/her best friend

I think my bestfriends look at me as no more than a replacement when their main friends aren't available :( - FireWasp2004

20 Studying something for so long and ending up working in a different field
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