Top Ten Things That Make Yugvijay Tiwari the Best

As we all know Yugvijay Tiwari is an indian child actor. His fans growing very fast. He's nominated in many other list also so one list for him only.

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1 His Facebook Page

Hmm was searching about yugvijay tiwari on internet and got this awesome list. I vote for his page because its really making him the best.

His page, that is the greatest page I've seen ever ;) Being his very bestfriend, Too proud for him!

Obviously his page makes him the best. his photo "me, one day before the exam" has gone viral. loved him.

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2 His Good Looks.

He's really very good looking, I'm thinking how many girlfriends do he have. I'm like I love her laugh out loud but I'm a guy so sorry laugh out loud

His eyes. :) Those eyes were capturing. When I first saw Him in his photos I was like, "Really? So cute and adorable"

He looks very very handsome and cute. His face is so cute.

Ah, Duh!

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3 As A YouTuber He Is Funny!

Someday he'll be in the Bigg Boss House I'd die laughing then would we all?

At 9th it is? This is the most reason man!

This should be the first reason.

I know him from YouTube so...

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4 Hometown Sagar,MP

Sagar Madhya Pradesh is popular because of Yugvijay Tiwari only.

Sagar mp its known because of him laugh out loud else I donno what is it?

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5 Mansi Tiwari

Mansi Tiwari is my friend from infinity and she's lil witch she's sister of Yugvijay Tiwari its unbelievable.

Mansi makes him look better, wherever he go single he's weired Mansi makes him better. Mansi Tiwari aka Lil witch is the queen of hearts. Her queen cleopatra look was stunning.

Obviously Mansi Tiwari Making him the best. She is so cute. I love her so much.

Mansi looks and also great

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6 Yugvijay Tiwari Life In A House

Yugvijay Tiwari Life In A House made his entry in this industry. Definitely a vote goes to Yugvijay Tiwari Life In A House.

Life in a house is giving him a good fame. People are madly waiting for Life In A House.

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7 English Singing

Yea man I'm his classmate he sings so good in school concerts and shows love him man.

He's known for his good engish singing in an amazing accent. If he tours people are always happy.

He loves to sing. :) He's a great singer. No wonder, He'll be at Bollywood someday

Hmm I love how he voices auto the best

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8 Lots of Fans/Friends

Obviously lots of friends making him popular vote him here people.

Namit shah is doing nothing for him I think its Yugvijay Tiwari Facebook Page. Not them.

Celebrities like namit shah, siddharth thakkar are his good friends. This also makes him popular than he's getting so so many likes, follows a day.

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9 Youtube Channel

He has promised to start comedy videos on Facebook on Facebook! ! I AM SO EXITED!

His first upload tired mechanical heart is so cool!

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10 His Way of Talking

Yes! He keeps me engaged while I'm watching his video until the very last second.

Yes! He keeps me engaged while I'm watching his videos.

Agree. He is a smooth talker haha...

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11 Types of Cries Video

Lol first video on Yugvijay...

I ' love this video!


12 Facebook

Facebook is making him popular his page is making him popular and else he's nothing yes yes that is true I hate him.

Connected with pages like the offcial page of "The suite Life Of Karan And Kabir" he've got a lot of fame.

13 Pandit Purushottam Lal Tiwari

As he is the child of Pandit Purushottam Lal Tiwari its good for him being a son of astro who meets celebrities.

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14 Me, One Day Before the Exam Photo

Laugh out loud saw his amazing photo on his page it made me laugh it went viral happy for him.

15 Brazil FIFA Whatever It Is I Really Don't Care Photo
16 Sister Pragya Tiwari

Pragya Tiwari is cute love her. Their family is beautiful.

17 Mansi Tiwari and Yugvijay Tiwari Photos

Mansi Tiwari and Yugvijay Tiwari photos aar damn funny.

18 Yugvijay Tiwari Photos

Photo haha. I love his.

19 Students Before Their Exam and After Their Result
20 Weirdness Overloaded!

Lol like he says he overloades weirdness he actually does.

21 Types Of Couples Video

Jefferson cat the serious ones

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