Top Ten Things a Man Cannot Live Without In This Life On Earth

I bet you guys were expecting love and all, but there are better lists than this about that!

The Top Ten

1 Heart

Like you'll die without one and if it's a cold heart then you deserve to die - Curti2594

2 Brain

Most important thing that is essential to our existence. - Kiteretsunu

3 Oesophagus
4 Skin
5 Intestine
6 Skeleton
7 Face
8 Legs
9 Potatoes
10 Oxygen

The Contenders

11 Tongue

Without a tongue, a man can't lick the woman's DELICIOUS VAGINA - DK

12 Sex

This is the only way to make humen

Without sex, you wouldn't be here. - ethanmeinster

13 Lungs Lungs
14 Music
15 Bricks
16 Water
17 Parents
18 Nose

Without a nose, a man can't spell the woman's DELICIOUS VAGINA - DK

To smell the odious! Or the odorous... ? - HezarioSeth

19 Women
20 Air

Basic needs: Food, water, air.

21 Candy Canes
22 Food
23 Earth
24 Soul
25 Sports

They are obsessed by sports, and I'm a man and I hate sports, so I might be a very tall hobbit or an elf

26 Technology

We use it everyday

27 Bacon
28 His Penis
29 Toilets
30 Candy
31 Privacy
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1. Potatoes
2. Oxygen
3. Water (H.2.0)
1. Brain
2. Heart
3. Oesophagus
1. Brain
2. Heart
3. Intestine

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