Top 10 Things Many Lonely People Have Tried, to No Avail, in an Effort to Rid Themselves of Their Loneliness

As many of us who are lonely have heard quack advice from others on ways to get to know others, this list was designed to address a major world issue and be a way for all lonely and formerly lonely people to come together to talk about methods that have varying degrees of success depending on their circumstances, an example not ceasing to be an example just because someone somewhere found it successful.

The Top Ten

1 Joining college
2 Attending church/temple services
3 Participating in online meetup programs
4 Joining clubs
5 Loitering

Ugh. This is just creepy and weird. - Britgirl

6 Moving to another community
7 Joining the military
8 Auditioning for a play
9 Starring as a movie extra
10 Volunteering for community service

The Contenders

11 Being extra friendly
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