Top 10 Things Many People Will Have but Not All are Guaranteed in Life

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1 To live a long life

Unless if you look a lot more younger than your age.

2 To live comfortably

Meaning to not struggle financially - ParasN2000

I wish my life was more comfortably - Userguy44

3 To fall in love

In my life I have fallen in love; I know exactly how it feels to truly love a person unconditionally, but I'm not entirely sure that anyone has fallen in love with me. It's difficult to tell sometimes. - Britgirl

Uh, I've just realised how depressing this list seems. I'm sorry. - ParasN2000

I think your list is realistic - it may look depressing but it's realistic. So it's a good list for me. We have to be prepared for some unhappy things in life and enjoy the good things we have. - Metal_Treasure

4 To get married
5 To have children

No, sadly there are no guarantees. It would be a lot less painful if a woman was guaranteed to have a successful pregnancy. - Britgirl

6 Getting satisfaction out of life

I can't get no satisfaction. - Misfire

7 To be able to have their own house
8 To live to see their grandchildren
9 To be able to meet your parents

This is very sad... - Metal_Treasure

10 To be able to travel

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