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Hating Justin Bieber

I don't hate him. But after hearing of him being a drunk driver, I have no care for him whatsoever. He could drive off a cliff and it wouldn't concern me whatsoever. - BKAllmighty

Yeah I think some of his hatred is over exaggerated to be honest he's bad but not worst people of all time bad.

The Justin Bieber joke is everywhere on this site. - Minecraftcrazy530

Whatever List that includes Hating and ugly he's first

Loving Metal

Definitely! I got into metal entirely because I knew many people on this site were crazy about it! - Songsta41

In my opinion, Metallica is more popular than Black Sabbath in this site.

There do seem to be a lot of metalheads. Can't say I'm one of them (although I appreciate Black Sabbath and a handful of others), but to each his own. - PetSounds

How many metalheads are on here? - ToptenPizza


I have it pretty bad, but id say Kris probably has it the worst off. I don't think its physically possible for me to have more than one good nights rest in a row, but she's up for days at a time. Explains a lot about her, right? =) - keycha1n

It seems about 80% if users have a sleeping disorder, mostly insomnia. I would hate not being able to sleep. I can barely function with the 10 hours I get! - ToptenPizza

Well, there are a lot of us, and I hate it. But on the plus side, it does enhance one's creativity. Many of my best-selling lists were made at night. - PositronWildhawk

I have more of a self-induced insomnia. I can sleep, I just don't sometimes. It really is a bad habit I need to shake off. - BKAllmighty

Hating Whichever President Is Currently In Office

I hate Obama's guts. - Goatworlds

Mainly the politically active ones. No one likes the U. S goverment here. Whoever it is, they automatically hate them! - ToptenPizza

Hating Nicki Minaj

With a burning passion, too. She has her own way to kill list! - ToptenPizza

Hating Nicki Minaj is starting to get boring and repetitive - JaysTop10List

It is starting to get old, too.

She sucks. - Goatworlds

Hating Rap

Aside from Eminem, rap is extremely lyrically shallow, and it requires no musical talent. Music should be instruments and singing (singing not required but helps), and rap is pretty much just people talking about how cool their shoes are. - Songsta41

Really when it comes down to it, ill listen to a potato as long as I enjoy it. Genre and artist doesn't matter as long as I like the sound and message. - keycha1n

Yup. I strongly dislike rap. I would have said "rap music", but that would not be, by my definition, an accurate description of what rap even is. - BKAllmighty

I do dislike rap heavily, but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks the same way. People say I should stop hating on it, but it's just my opinion, so why? - PositronWildhawk

You say the same thing over and over again, always with no logical reasoning. Also, you seem so close-minded, it's hard not to dislike your opinions. - SwagFlicks

Hating Pop Music

There is some good pop, I just think we all dislike it because it's currently running the music industry while other genres are much more deserving. - Songsta41

Pop is alright for pump-up and feelin' good. But I just prefer music that makes me think a little more. - keycha1n

It is #1 on the worst genre of music list, where dubstep should be! - ToptenPizza

Pop isn't bad, if you look for some more good songs - JaysTop10List

Loving Jackie Evancho

Jackie was on some singing show when she was 10. She is now 13/14 (i think) and on tour. She was also a model for Justice, her videos have many views. She was in the singing hall of fame. She is not underrated. - ToptenPizza

I'm indifferent, but I don't really think she deserves to top all of the music lists in sight. - PositronWildhawk

People on this site like her just a bit too much. Sure, the talent she has at her age is special, but everyone seems to take that to an extreme. - Songsta41

I'm not into classical music. - MeaganSaysHI

Disagreeing With Whatever Someone Says

The whole point of TheTopTens is to share your opinions and tell people what you think of their opinions and what your own are. I don't blame them. - Songsta41

I disagree with this one. - gemcloben

This just goes to show there are so many people who can't respect opinions. - PositronWildhawk

How to start a fight:
1. Post a comment
2. Wait - ToptenPizza

Very Friendly

I try to be friendly, but I struggle sometimes :( - Ninja_Potato123

This is why I am still here!

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Adding Their Own Names to Top Ten Lists About TopTenners

I don't do this... However, I do scroll through them and hope I'm on there somewhere. - AnonymousChick

I added myself to Top Ten Things Certain TopTenners Would Never Say, but I feel like that did kinda add to the list in a good way, I also added my sister.

I actually did this, but it wasn't my primary method of being more popular. I just added myself to such lists because I feel like I deserve to be there.

Exactly! People really should stop doing that. I know you want to become popular, but this is not the way to do it. - Songsta41

Hating the New Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney

I WOULD be like this, except, I LOVE LIV AND MADDIE! It's my favorite show! If you don't like it, guess what? EVERY SHOW has a reason to hate it! I've never liked Gravity Falls OR Avatar: The Last Airbender! And EVERY SHOW can be considered crappy or awful! Even if it's old! I hate this stupid stereotype that shows are automatically good JUST BECAUSE they're old! So what, does that mean if Breadwinners was made in the 90s it'd be considered good? IT'S NOT GOOD AT ALL! It's like NO SHOW is good if you think about it. Even if you like it, love it, or consider it the best show ever made, there's STILL gonna be someone, somewhere who thinks it's the worst show ever! I am a fan Liv and Maddie, but other people call it the worst show ever. I've NEVER found a show that wasn't like that. NEVER. Not ONCE. Why don't we just hate every show ever made?

I hate the new nickelodean. I used to watch it a lot. Eventually, it got slightly more crappy. I stopped watching. Then a few years later I decided to turn it on. After about a few minutes I was shouting,"I SHALL NOT ALLOW THIS CRAP! " and started watching classic nick shows online ( Avatar being my faverote - ToptenPizza

Total Drama and Gravity Falls are the only good shows anymore. - sdgeek2003

Only exception is Gravity Falls. Incredible show. - keycha1n

Making Top Ten Lists

I believe that we all have it in common, except for those of us who are brand new and haven't made a single list yet. - Merilille

I'm not a person for making lists. I'm more of a person for commenting on other's lists. - FennikenFan9

Um that's what the website is about - AnonymousChick

I laughed at this - TeamRocket747

Obsessing On Games

My family is totally insane with Mario games lately. - MeaganSaysHI

Well isn't that obvious with me considering my username and icon? - RaineSage

At Least One Follower
Loving Linkin Park

I love Linkin Park.

Well, in my opinion, they're trash - ProPanda

In my opinion. They are awful, talentless and garbage. - AlphaQ

Obsession Over the Beatles
Hating Lil Wayne
Obsessing On Britgirl

Am I the only one who doesn't obsess over her? - MeaganSaysHI

She is a good user but I'm not obsessed with her. The obsession for me is PositronWildhawk. - RiverClanRocks

I'm not OBSESSED for any TopTenner. I like them all. (Except Selfdestruct) - FennikenFan9

Obsessing On Luigi

Danteem is obsessing on Luigi.

Hating Peach (Mario)
Watching Anime

A lot of people on TheTopTens enjoy anime. - FennikenFan9

Not Respecting Opinions
Loving Rock
Hating admin
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