Top Ten Things That May Be the Source of Energy for Mankind In the Future

Thinking of the future, our energy sources will not be able to fulfill our needs of energy, this list shows the things that may be used as a source of energy for future.

The Top Ten

1 Cmes (Corona Mass Ejections) and Solar Flares

CMEs and solar flares are frequent, and useless, they contain a lot of energy. If we can absorb it, we can have almost infinite energy - yatharthb

Well the thing is, CME and solar flares don't happen often, maybe weekly. This energy mostly comes like pulses - sudden and huge doze of energy in very short amount of time. And also most of the solar flares energy don't cross the earth's atmosphere.
So recieving energy from solar flares is practically very tough.
One thing we can do for now. Did you know that the present solar power panels can convert and store only 2% of solar energy falling upon them in one day? If we can somehow increase that efficiency to probably 90%, our energy needs will practically be solved. - Kiteretsunu

2 Antimatter

The reaction of matter and antimatter produces more energy than anything known to mankind. - yatharthb

The problem is, where can you get them? They are not found in our solar system.
EDIT: You spend energy in particle accelerators to create antimatter and then use it up again. Net energy gained = 0 (you cannot violate the law of conservation of energy principle). - Kiteretsunu

From particle accelerators. That's our only source at the moment. But we've so far only been able to store 38 antihydrogen atoms at one time. At least it's a start. - PositronWildhawk

3 Nuclear Decay
4 Sunlight - Solar Energy

Extracting solar energy is not an easy job, it needs strategic positioning of solar panels like the Earth's ionosphere or somewhere near the sun to get best results, It is not an Easy job to solar-power our planet. - yatharthb

This had already Started, But Soon It would possibly be the Source we all used for energy. - Dreamformusic

Our most probable source in future. And it's much easier to extract energy from sunlight than solar flares or antimatter. - Kiteretsunu

5 Earth's Core- Geothermal Energy
6 Solar Storms
7 Tornadoes and Cyclones
8 Biological Decay
9 Nuclear Fusion
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