Top Ten Things That May Happen If Trump Becomes President

The Top Ten Things That May Happen If Trump Becomes President

1 He Causes World War 3

I'm very sure the United Nations, which is basically an alliance of a large majority of the countries in the world, will prevent a war from happening on a global scale. There hasn't been a world war since it formed around the end of the Second World war. - Wolftail

Well this is clearly a worst case scenario - Martinglez

Lol! I'm only voting for this because it is hilarious! - Jackal2272

2 A Lot of People Move to Mexico or Canada

A lot of people try to come into Mexico by crossing the southern border with central America. Tons of Mexican border patrol agents are assigned down there to make sure they catch as many of them as possible, and get rid of them because Mexico does not want foreigners.

This can't happen with Mexico, their immigration rules are much stricter than in the USA. In Mexico, illegal aliens are dealt with harshly and deported, or even imprisoned.

Mexico's immigration policy is very strict, and when caught, illegal immigrants are immediately deported with no appeals allowed.

How could they move to Mexico when there is a wall? - Puga

They would move before... And I'm pretty sure there has to be an opening - FerrariDude64

3 He Nukes Denmark

Why Will He Nuke Denmark? What Did They Ever Do To Him? - 12cc

I guess he thinks they must Lego. - Puga


Probably nobody would miss them.

4 Mexican Riots Over Immigration

Of course this means riots over illegal immigration, not immigration, as the USA allows over 1,000,000 legal immigrants each year, more than any other country.

That already happens.

5 A Bigger War With the Middle East

Most Likely - 12cc

6 Nothing

Not Likely - 12cc

7 America is Destroyed

Too late.

8 He is Killed

Why Won't People Do That Before He Gets A Chance To Be President? - 12cc

It won't happen. If Obama hasn't been killed then neither will Trump - bobbythebrony

I heard that El Chapo was supposed to be after him, which is good, but now he's captured. - Pegasister12

9 Trump "Makes America Great Again"

Haha sarcasm. Sketchysteve your right it's in quotation marks! Get it? Ha I think he'll make America Horrible. And he's saying make America great AGAIN. That means we're not great now? How offending! I hope u lose the debate Donald Ducky

Hitler All Over Again

It means make america hate again - TwilightKitsune

10 The Apocalypse Will Begin

The Contenders

11 Hillary is Taken Prisoner by Trump

He did say that he will arrest her. - Therandom

12 America Becomes Great Again

Which is what will happen. - Jackamalio

13 A Rapper Leaves for Another Country, Disses Trump, and That Diss Becomes the Greatest Diss of All Time

Eminem Dissing Trump? lol hahaa - 12cc

14 Economy Collapses Due to Import Tariff

Most likely. - SamuiNeko

15 We All Die Painfully

Obviously, the second Donald becomes president, everyone's head will explode. - Martinglez

16 The Hunger Games Begin

To true

Oh yes! Hunger Games in real life! Suzanne Collins get ready to write new books called "The Donald Games"! He'll probably make the other candidates and people that didn't like him go into the Donald Games and make them suffer lol can't wait to see Donald's face when everyone becomes rebels. Hmm who shall be the new Mockingjay? Oh and Donald, don't forget to wear roses to cover your blood smell haha

17 Rapture Begins
18 Mexicans Overthrow Donald Trump

Mexicans would overthrow the President of the US?
Seems like a bad idea, no matter who the president might be.
And who was it again that you were claiming would start a war?

Funny that during WW2, Mexico was officially "neutral", and did care about or try to help stop the genocides in Europe or China. I guess from now on, it will be OK for Americans to be allowed to vote in the election process of Mexico.

19 Donald Trump is Killed and Bernie Sanders Replaces Him

Yes, I want Bernie to be president, I won't need to work ever again, he will give me enough money free to live and just do games all day long.

Bernie really would be the best choice, until he runs out of other people's money.

It still baffles me how people want an old communist who wants 90% of your money to be president. Sorry but it'll never happen retards - bobbythebrony

20 He Nukes Europe

Most countries in Europe have nukes already ( France etc... ). We don't need Trump for that!

Why? - 12cc

21 He Marries His Daughter

Donald Trump is a shining example of wanting to marry his daughter. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

22 Big Improvement In the U.S. Economy

Import tariffs will not improve the economy! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

23 A Wall Will Be Built To Keep Out Mexicans

Most Definitely - 12cc

24 The World Will Cut Relations With the USA
25 Every Country Will Unite to Overthrow Him

Will never happen. Many world leaders love him and hate the current terrorist that's president - bobbythebrony

I REALLY want this to happen if he does become president. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 He Builds A Wall To Block Out Birds And Foreign People
27 He Resigns Immediately
28 Nuclear Apocalypse

It will be like a game called fallout and the world will nuke each other.

29 Americans Will Be Forced to Buy American Products

Like in a fascist regime!

30 Canadians Get Deported
31 He Gets Impeached
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