Top Ten Things Meatloaf Won't Do for Love

"I would do anything for love but I won't do that."

We obviously have to use our imagination here. Just what is it that Meatloaf won't do for the greatest emotion that humans feel?

The Top Ten

1 That

Depends entirely on where your finger's pointing.

What exactly is "that"? - Britgirl

What? - 906389

2 Stop being a visitor and actually make an account on TheTopTens

V, I really was actually talking about Meatloaf. He could be a visitor on here. You never know... ;). - Britgirl

Ya know that strains credulity a bit, right?

Actually cracked up as soon as I saw the title. Then... I saw "occasionally," and now this little barb...Just when ya think ya know a person, they go and sit right down on your knish. (sigh)
Beege, there are carpenters, and there are wrecking balls. I prefer to move between the worlds. (So now I'm Meat Loaf? I demand satisfaction on the field of honor. The moors should do.)

Unless, of course, there's something I'm completely missing here. Wouldn't be the first time, bein' a Thal 'n' all.

3 Eat meatloaf
4 Stop singing

"Oh wouldn't it be loverly? "

Or stop playing' with his pair o'dice by the dashboard light.

5 Duet with Daniel O' Donnell for charity
6 Get rid of his white handkerchief
7 Become a brony
8 Get an Olympic medal
9 Live in a maisonette with you
10 Do the weekly shopping in a neon lime-green tutu

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11 Talk about fight club
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