Top Ten Things Metal Elitists Would Never Say

The Top Ten

1 Of course,I try listening to hip hop. Maybe there's a rapper I like.
2 Pop is the best genre out there. Period!

haha - Fretto

Imagine Manowar playing a song
called "War for Pop! '

3 Who needs Thrash? I prefer Techno
4 Enter Sandman is my favorite Metallica song
5 I'm so glad that my favorite band is famous.

What's wrong with being famous?

6 Electronic music is awesome
7 Yeah, you're allowed to have an opinion

Whoever added this is a genius - SoldierOfFortune

8 I love Bittersweet Memories from BFMV!

THIS was one of the songs which got me into metal!

9 You like Nu Metal too?
10 I need the new Nickelback album

The Contenders

11 Stop arguing about patches!
12 It's Sunday.Time to go to church.
13 I also listen to K-Pop.
14 Stop talking s**t about deathcore!

* Stop talking bad stuff about

15 Metalcore actually got me into loving metal.

True! Killswitch Engage is one of the first metal bands I started listening to! - Pegasister12

16 Grunge rules!

I mean I love grunge, I just think metals better - ryanrimmel

@CastlevaniaFanboy128 - in general, there's nothing wrong with that but a true metal fan would say: "Metal rules! " - Metal_Treasure

Grunge does rule though, from a metalhead's perspective. Nirvana were gods to me, but I just prefer metal.

17 I love Slipknot
18 I love Paramore
19 Dab on the haters
20 Metal sucks
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