Top Ten Things That Might Happen to You After You Watch a Horror Movie or Read a Scary Story

The Top Ten

1 You feel someone is behind you

Oh piper u scared of mirrors - leafstar

2 You cover all of your body with a blanket so a demon won't pull your leg

Why not you turn on the lights - TwilightKitsune

3 You can't sleep

Most likely situation - Martinglez

4 You're afraid to look at mirrors
5 You feel there is something watching you from the corner of your room
6 You're afraid to look behind you
7 You're afraid to go to the bathroom
8 You're afraid of the dark

I’m just afraid of the dark in general

9 You're afraid to look at a window

Way wah wah - leafstar

10 You think you're going to have nightmares when you sleep

The Contenders

11 You're afraid of your basement
12 You mistake someone for a killer

I am for eddy krueger - leafstar

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