Top Ten Things Miley Cyrus and YouTubers Have In Common

List of things Miley Cyrus and YouTube have in common, Miley Cyrus was great back then, but recently she messed up, YouTube was such a great site back then too, though it's not a person like Miley Cyrus,
but even more recently, it has messed up too.

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1 They went downhill

Miley Cyrus went downhill in 2012 because she does XXX just to get famous, YouTube was so great back then too, but it went downhill too, in 2014, with people making videos about XXX, violence and drugs, just as a way to get more views and to for them to make more money, they're so greedy and stupid. - nelsonerica

2 They aren't original anymore

Remember the stars we used to have and love(and sometimes hate) once? Nigahiga, Smosh, and Fred?

Well they don't do original things anymore, Nigahiga changed his humor, Smosh did too and put in mean jokes, Fred sold his channel and is going all Miley Cyrus. - nelsonerica

3 They're talking about XXX and drugs

That's what people are up to these days, XXX and drugs, and not just talking about it in a way it shouldn't be talked about, but also doing it, like taking their shirts off and mentioning their areas, that's what most YouTube videos are about these days, people are making them as a way to get more viewers and to make more money.
Shane Dawson did all that in the first place, and recently he said he's doing that just for money, they're so greedy and stupid. - nelsonerica

4 They're showing off their body parts

Miley Cyrus is showing of her body parts in front of people, YouTube stars are doing just that as well, YouTube and it's people need to learn that fame and money aren't always important. - nelsonerica

5 They have no talent

YouTubers and Miley Cyrus have lost their talent, they are talentless nowadays. - nelsonerica

6 They're copying each other, when they shouldn't

People are making videos and they're copying each other, they can't do original things anymore, they lost their originality, they're gonna get sued for copyright, but there aren't enough people flagging the videos. - nelsonerica

7 They make fun of other people and things

Miley Cyrus made fun of Donald Trump recently, and the YouTubers are making fun of people in general, and they're making fun of sex, so stupid. - nelsonerica

8 They come out

People these days are coming out, that's one of the first things that led to YouTube's downfall. - nelsonerica

I agree with you 100% these coming out videos are pointless and it's just saying you want nothing but attention.

9 They give people bad lessons

That's exactly what Miley Cyrus and YouTubers are up to these days, they give people bad lessons, they say it's ok to be fat, sexual, and that it's ok to care more about money than about other people. - nelsonerica

10 They don't give a whatever

Miley Cyrus and YouTubers can't change their attitude, they don't get a whatever to anyone, because they don't care about others, Miley Cyrus chose to be stupid, and the same thing goes with the YouTubers.
They care more about fame, XXX and money than they do about others. - nelsonerica

The Contenders

11 They have horrible fanbases nowadays

YouTube is full of stars that are awful, some have always been that way, while others started out good, but then became bad, their fanbases are horrible, they love what the YouTubers are doing, and they love it when they show off their body parts (some) and make these perv jokes for more views and money, they're greedy, it's the worst site to go on nowadays, and it makes Facebook, Twitter and MySpace worth going on. - nelsonerica

12 They flash their bodies for attention

Ever since Miley Cyrus, who was once Hannah Montana, changed, she flashes her body as a way to bring attention to her fans.

YouTubers are doing that too nowadays, they're flashing their bodies for attention and for more views.
It's just such a shame that YouTube doesn't mind people doing that, and they don't even get arrested for that, prostitution is illegal in every country, and while YouTube pays people to do things in videos, those people are trying too hard, and they're actually not getting nearly as much money as they want in their life, and they're failing and aren't aware of the dangers and/or consequences for those actions.

YouTube sucks now. - nelsonerica

Prime example: Zoie Bergher (however you spell it) Just by looking at her thumbnails you can tell she shows off her body for views. From what I've heard, she makes very sexual videos that somehow don't get banned because she follows all the YT guidelines EXACTLY at the line. Like she'll wear a thong, but because the camera didn't focuse there and because she covered her nipples then she doesn't get banned. Absolute bullcrap. Many hardworking female YouTubers struggle to get views the normal way instead of showing their body off like a s***.
That's just one girl, but people have accused SSniperwolf of doing the same thing. The bottom line is that NO ONE should show their body off for views, whether it befemale or male. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 They use fame from previous platforms to reel in more fans

Similar to the way Miley tried to get fans from Hannah Montana to popularize her new music, ex Viners use their Vine fanbase to make their YouTube channel popular. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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