Top 10 Things Modern Rappers Rap About


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1 Money

Rap just isn't real anymore, with people like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake, etc. The only two good rappers today are Eminem and Jay-Z - Alpha101

Kanye West (in my opinion) used to be good back then when he released his first two albums. But nowadays he is just a sellout. He just isn't himself anymore.

They would be making 7 dollars an hour at subway if they didn't rap about the thing they never had

Looking at this list is making me mourn the death of hip-hop. Yes, a piece of paper with the president's head on it takes the centre stage of hip-hop.

No sex money durgs to

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2 Cars

They love whatever they have. From a Pickup truck to a Bugatti - CoolCat999

3 Alcohol

No way

4 Grills

It seems that rappers like to rap about grilling stuff

5 Swag

They seem to be very proud of theirs. - PositronWildhawk

There's even a rapper named gucci mane

I Would Definitely Do Swag

6 Shoes
7 Partying
8 Women
9 Homies
10 Guns

To prove how gangster they are when most of them are not - CoolCat999

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11 Life

J Cole raps about his life.

12 Drugs

Gutta rap all about drugs

13 God
14 Being "Fresh"
15 Haters

It's basically going to be a disstrack then...

16 Champagne
17 Their Mama
18 Big Booty
19 Balling

I like it

2017 rappers, all you hear is balling in every verse eg migos, wiz khalifa, young ma, many more

20 The City
21 School
22 Food
23 Baby Mama
24 Killing People
25 How They Made It
26 Jewelry

Well at least that's the only meaningful thing they rap about today.

28 Family

They've been there for you since they one but no one ever bothered to say thanks

29 Themselves

How true. - Miauzer

30 Savage
31 Diamonds
32 Flexing

Example- Lil uzi vert talking about rolexs, chains Louie V, Bape< Supreme, cars

33 Sex
34 Strip Clubs
35 How Great They Are
36 Chains
37 Quads

Guys Like Rick Ross And Migos Ride Qauds All Ot Of The Time

38 Big Boobs
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